What Happened To How They Blog?

This is a long overdue and inadequate update. For that I offer my sincerest apology. Quite frankly, I never meant to take such a long hiatus. I’d just taken back the reigns of HelloMornings.org and soon realized that I couldn’t effectively manage the Inspired To Action Podcast, the How They Blog podcast AND manage HelloMornings. […]

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HTB36 – Strategic Blogging – How Sarah MacKenzie Took Her Blog From Hobby To Pro

Smart. Inspiring. These are two words I’d use to describe Sarah MacKenzie. She took her blog to the next level by understanding her audience and matching up her talents and knowledge with their needs. 

In this episode we talk about how she did that as well as how and why she started her podcast. The next 30 minutes are packed with great content.

Grab your headphones and join us!

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HTB35 – How To Harness The Power of Pinterest – An Interview with Rebekah Hoffer

Pinterest tripled her blog traffic.

Today, Rebekah Hoffer, shares how being intentional with Pinterest impacted her blog growth and how we can harness the power of this popular platform for our own online ventures.

In This Episode You’ll Hear…

  • A simple 3 step strategy to grow your Pinterest following
  • When the best times to pin on Pinterest
  • How to invest more time in your Pinterest strategy and exactly where to start

Click the play button in the post or grab your favorite podcast app and join us for a chat!

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HTB34 How To Turn Any Blog Topic Into A Business – A Chat with Trina Holden

If you’ve ever thought your blog topic was too niche or too general to turn into a business, think again. In this episode of the How They Blog podcast you’ll learn how Trina Holden turned yogurt into a business. Yep, yogurt.

Grab your headphones and join us for a chat!

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HTB #33 – Decisive Blogging – How Anne Bogel Manages Work, Home and Blogging

http://traffic.libsyn.com/howtheyblog/HTB-33-Decisive-Blogging-How-Anne-Bogel-Manages-Work-Home-and-Blogging.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSEpisode not loading? Listen to it here on Stitcher. Blogging balance is not about doing it all, it’s about knowing what works for you and what you do best. Anne Bogel is on the show with me today and we are talking about how blogging fits in between […]

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HTB #32 – Partnering with Others and Building a Business – Ryan and Stephanie Langford and Erin Odom

You’re going to learn from the best today. Seriously, Erin Odom and Ryan and Stephanie Langford are some of the best minds in blogging. I’m always so impressed with the professionalism and integrity of every project they do. Their Ultimate-Bundles.com site has been a smashing success for them, their authors and the readers (where else can you get such a HUGE collection of resources for such a small price?).

Today you’ll learn about working with others (even your spouse!) on projects, discover helpful collaboration tools, get involved in a GREAT (and free) resource for marketing wisdom and hear the perfect motto for building online community.

Grab your headphones and join us for a chat!

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HTB #31 – The Art and Power of Taking Action – with Laura Smith

Today, I’m talking with blogger and business owner Laura Smith about how we can develop the habit of taking action.

The truth is, most of know have a good idea about WHAT we need to do, we just have a hard time actually doing it. I’ve been incredibly impressed by how she consistently learns and then does. It’s a simple, but powerful tool for any successful blogger.


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HTB #30 – The Fundamentals of Becoming a Better Writer – with Denise Hughes

Did you know there are writing techniques that can help you connect more deeply with your blog readers? Did you know blog writing is different than the writing you learned in school? Yep, it’s true. Listen and learn from today’s show with Denise Hughes.

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HTB #29 – What In The World Should I Put In My Email Newsletter?

Not sure what kind of content goes on your blog and what should go in your email newsletter? Never fear. Kat is here.

In this episode of the podcast, Lauren Hlushak asks that very question and I share the 5 kinds of content you can use in your newsletter that range from “set it and forget it” content to content that requires a bit more work but can yield huge results.

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HTB #28 – How To Create An Email Gift New Subscribers Will Love

In this Q & A session of the podcast Tim Aton asks how to dream up and create an email giveaway that subscribers will actually want. I’ll share how I’ve created my giveaways and give you a tip on how to create a surefire winner that your subscribers will love.

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