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Have you ever wondered how your favorite blogger…blogs? What does their workspace look like? What tools do they use? When do they get their work done? How do they manage family and blogging?

That’s what HowTheyBlog.com is all about. I’ll interview your favorite bloggers and introduce you to some new ones. I’ll get your questions answered so that you can learn from some of the most talented and passionate bloggers around.

You have a story to tell and wisdom to share and I want to help you. Stick around to meet some amazing bloggers and learn…how they blog!

About Kat Lee

Hi! My name is Kat Lee. I have been blogging since the Jurassic Period. Okay, maybe not that long, but close. I started with a blog for the grandparents when my oldest was born…nearly 11 years ago. I watched Pteradactyls fly by as I hand coded the html for that site.

I currently blog here at HowTheyBlog.com and at InspiredToAction.com. I’m also a contributor for Simplemom.net and Momheart.org.

My husband and I live in Texas and we’ve been married for over 15 years. We have 3 fabulous kids and we used to have a pet rat. I’ll let you guess whose idea it was to end that relationship. (waves hand)

I butcher my favorite songs on my guitar and enjoy running…slowly. If you want to read about 25 things I’m not good at, click here. If you want to learn more about me and how I blog, check out my interview.

About Crystal Stine – Content Manager

cstine_headshotCrystal has been called an encouragement, community building and social media ninja. Her heart is to encourage women through the written word at her blog, www.crystalstine.me, where she shares writes about the joys and challenges of community through the lens of motherhood, chasing God Sized Dreams, and the work God does “behind the scenes.”

Crystal is a Virtual Assistant, Marketing & Project Management professional, (in)courage Community Leader Coordinator. She is a contributing writer at Allume, Mothers of Daughters, and (in)courage and she has been a featured guest at HolleyGerth.com. You can follow her on Twitter at @CrystalStine.

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