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I was going to write a longer into to Amy’s interview today, but there is SO MUCH goodness in here, that I…um…spent all my time checking out the cool apps she recommends. Check it out:

Amy Lynn Andrews Gadget and App Recommendations

1. What computer do you use? (i.e. MacBook Air)
MacBook Air

2. What kind of phone do you have? (i.e.Samsung Galaxy III)
iPhone 4S

3. Do you use a tablet? If so, what model? (i.e. iPad 4)

4. What blog platform do you use? (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc)

5. If applicable, what blog theme/child theme do you use? (Genesis, Thesis, WooThemes etc.) Or feel free to use this space to give a shout out to your designer.

6. What web hosting company do you use? Do you recommend them?
Bluehost. Yes. I do so here.

7. What app do you use to write your posts?

8. How do you capture your blog ideas? (Notebook, Evernote, Word, Sticky notes etc.)
Evernote and pen & paper

9. What are your most useful computer/web apps?

Google Calendar

Evernote (for storing ideas and web clippings)

Chrome (the best browser in my opinion)

Pocket (for reading things later)

Feedly (for following RSS feeds)

Buffer (for scheduling Twitter & Facebook posts)

WorkFlowy (for organizing thoughts in outline form)

Gimp (for image editing & graphic creation; like Photoshop but free)

iMovie (for editing videos)

Screencast-O-Matic (for recording screencasts)

10. What are your most useful phone/tablet apps?
All of the mobile versions of the above computer apps plus…

GoTasks (integrates with Google Tasks)

CalenMob (integrates with Google Calendar)

Kindle (for reading ebooks)

My bank’s app (for depositing checks–I LOVE that!)

Podcasts (for listening while working out)

Instagram (when I remember to use it)

PhotoGrid (again, when I remember to use it, but it’s a nice way to make Instagram collages on the fly)

ESV Bible (love that I can have it with me in my phone)

Words with Friends (for bonding with my kids and husband…and winning πŸ˜‰ )

11. What other tech do you use? (Camera for photos, mic for podcasting…etc.)
Flip video camera

iPhone (for photos)

Come back Friday to read all of Amy Lynn Andrews thoughts on social media and writing. Stay tuned!

Q & A with Amy

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  1. Oh. My. Word. I just signed up for workflowy. I watched the intro video and am positively giddy. This may just be the one of the greatest inventions in my entire life…

    Thanks Amy!!

  2. Thanks for all the great recommendations! Such a wealth of useful information. I firmly believe that had it not been for Amy’s blog, my blog would cease to exist! So helpful, thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us!

    • Wow, thank you for that very kind comment, Victoria! I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to know I’ve played a small part in someone else getting their words flung out into cyberspace. So much fun! Thank you. πŸ™‚

  3. Definitely trying gimp. Question about workflowy… looks great but I use evernote and wondering how you use the two together? What I’m asking I guess is what does workflowy do that evernote can’t that makes it worth having one more thing to log into. Make sense? Thanks in advance! Xoxo

    • Great question Elle. I don’t use the two together so much. For me, Evernote is more of an idea-capturing app (for things like post ideas, social media posts, etc.) whereas Workflowy is where I keep outlines about my processes, systems, strategy, etc.

      For me, workflowy is more of an outline-ish tool and Evernote is more like a catch-all tool. Evernote is great but when I am trying to put something together with sections that build on each other, workflowy works better for me.

      I have no idea if that made any sense at all. LOL

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