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What a great week we’ve had with Amy! If you haven’t check out her site yet, go grab a cup of coffee, sit in your cozy chair and read through all the amazing content she has there. She has tutorials on how to start a blog, how to write an ebook and a boatload of blogging tips.

Today she is sharing her thoughts on social media and writing. As always, she has some great wisdom to share…

Amy on Social Media and Writing

1. How do you keep social media from running your life? Is it a struggle for you? Any social media management tips?
I am constantly mulling this issue over in my head and I often try to think of ways to cut back. My biggest tip here is to replace social media with something else, not just take social media away.

For example, I mentioned previously that sometimes I work after dinner. Recently, I wanted to cut back on working at night so instead of simply willing myself not to work during that time, my daughter and I started watching a TV show together every night. (My husband and son watch their own show together every night at the same time.)

I suppose some would point out that watching a show is still media time, but for me, the issue is not about media but bonding. The two of us definitely bond during our show. We chat, we laugh, we commentate, we commiserate, we eat way too many Smokehouse® almonds and our show often leads to deep conversations about choices, culture and faith.

2. What is your writing process? When do you write? How long does it take you to create a post?
Because I don’t enjoy writing very much, I haven’t landed on a process that I’ve stuck with for the long term (unless “avoidance” counts). I do tend to write better under pressure, in the moment and especially on Friday nights when I’m too tired to let perfectionism get the best of me. On the other hand, recent family schedule changes and time constraints are forcing me to be a better planner so I’m hoping this will change soon.

3. Do you have a blogging mentor or accountability group (formal or informal)? How have you created and fostered those relationships?
I’ve been a part of several groups over the years. None of them have stuck together as a whole, but I have kept contact with individuals from those groups. They’ve all started after making connections in a forum, on Twitter, on Google+ or at a conference. I don’t think there’s much more to starting one other than to say, “Hey, want to start a group?” There’s no right or wrong way to do it!

4. What is the best blogging advice you’ve received? (OR) What is the best blogging advice you could give?
The best blogging advice I’ve received is from my dad. (Of course, he never intended it to be advice for blogging.) Growing up, I was quite insecure. My dad recognized this early on and one of the things he often said to me was, “Be yourself, Aim. Just be yourself.” The blogosphere can be a horrible, debilitating place for people-pleasing, competitive types like me. Trying to be like someone else or accomplish what someone else has accomplished is a colossal waste of me.

“Trying to be like someone else…is a colossal waste of me” –> Click to tweet!

I think the best blogging advice I can give is this: don’t wait! Don’t wait to start a blog. Don’t wait to write an ebook. Don’t wait to build relationships. Don’t wait for a publisher to pick you. Don’t wait to act on your idea. Don’t wait to start that new business. Don’t wait to plan that event. Don’t wait to try that thing no one has done before. Don’t wait. Blogging and social media have such a low barrier to entry you have very little to lose…except time you will never get back.

Q & A with Amy

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  1. Amy – first off I LOVE your comment about replacing social media with something else. Girl, I think that’s the key I was looking for in my struggle with spending too much time online. So simple, why didn’t I think of that?! 🙂

    Second…I have an idea for an online space or community that I feel is missing. I have ideas mulling over in my head. I love how you say “don’t wait.” I am one of those who would probably have this idea, wait, and probably never have it come to be. You inspired me to write those emails, make connections, see if this could really happen, today!

    Thanks for sharing with us this week.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been dragging my feet in writing my ebook. I needed the exhortation not to wait!

  3. Amy, your simple, no-nonsense approach to blogging has always been tremendously appealing to me (and helpful!). The idea of replacing social media with something else is a great one. Thank you for that. I’m wondering what one or two steps you would suggest a blogger take to staying current, technology-wise? I think I might have missed the entire Google + thing, for instance. Where are the best simple tutorials on those sorts of technologies and how bloggers can best utilize them?

    • Glad to help with the social media tip. 🙂

      Hmmm…let’s see…how to stay up to date. For me, I read until my eyeballs about fall out. I follow a gazillion tech/blogging/social media blogs just to stay current. The amount of information is overwhelming though. Perhaps a good place to gather a collection of tech-ish type blogs is AllTop. Just look at the Tech topic. (I try to keep updates in my Useletter too. I know, shameless plug. 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  4. My favorite part of these Friday posts is the blogging advice. Great tips everytime!! And I love that a lot of the advice bloggers are sharing are not always blogging tips, but they are in a way. :p

    • I’ve really enjoyed the Friday posts too (although I’m diggin’ the entire blog, lol)! Kat had such a great idea with this project don’t you think? It was fun to hang out this week.

  5. First, let me start off with – I absolutely Love all of the information that you have compiled and am very intrigued by the way you write it. I am extremely interested in blogging, but where do I start? Have you taken any classes to get started? I, by far, have not written anything that I think would be “good writing material”, I don’t even know where to begin. I must look at your site everyday, just about, and get excited and say to myself, I can do this – but then I think, what do I write about? How do I write it? How can I come up with interesting things that will attract people to it? So many questions,

    • Hi Amy,

      I am completely self-taught, although it’s taken me years to figure it all out. The goal of my website is to provide the site I wish was available when I started!

      I wrote a series recently in which I tried to break it all down as much as possible. I’m hoping to make small updates soon, but it should definitely give you a good place to start. You can check it out here. I hope that helps, Amy!

  6. homemakersdaily says

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Okay, Amy, I want to know what show you and your daughter watch every night! My kiddos and I have a late evening tradition of watching a show together, too, and we really look forward to it after a hectic day of chores and work and whatnot.


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