What Happened To How They Blog?

This is a long overdue and inadequate update. For that I offer my sincerest apology. Quite frankly, I never meant to take such a long hiatus. I’d just taken back the reigns of HelloMornings.org and soon realized that I couldn’t effectively manage the Inspired To Action Podcast, the How They Blog podcast AND manage HelloMornings. […]

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Make Your Blog a Business Bundle

Friends, I have a great resource for you today. I’m quite honored to be a part of an ebook bundle specifically for bloggers called the “Make Your Blog a Business Bundle.”

Now, even if you’re not interested in generating an income from your blog, these resources will be very helpful for anyone who wants to increase their ability to help and inspire others. Dan Morris’ Marketing Calendar Blueprint is a a particularly fantastic compliment to the Blog Planning Kit.

Here are the details about the bundle:

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Get Ready for the New Blog Planning Kit and a Live Webinar!

There are some exciting things ahead for you here on How They Blog. I’m working behind the scenes to bring you the best resources I can to help you grow your blog and use it to make a difference. Today, I have two especially fun announcements…

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A Thank You Letter to Bloggers (and a coupon)!

I’ll be spending most of this week offline with my family, but I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for all you do to inspire your readers all over the world.

Thank you for every way you teach and lead and help others to grow.

Thank you for doing hard things, balancing a busy life and making time to share your wisdom.

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HTB #008 – Getting Things Done, To Do Lists and Virtual Assistants – An Interview with Crystal Stine

Today’s episode is packed full of great tips on guest posting, our favorite productivity apps and how a virtual assistant can help you (even if you don’t think you can afford one.)

Grab your headphones and join us!

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HTB #005 – Blogging and Community – An Interview with Kristen Strong

She always has a smile for everyone. I’ve met few people as friendly and warm as Kristen Strong. Maybe it has something to do with her “always meeting new people” military life, or maybe God just gave her a little extra love to share.

Whatever the reason, Kristen is like a one woman welcome party. No matter how awkward or wallflower-ish you feel at an event, strike up a conversation with Kristen and you’ll feel right at home.

This sense of community permeates everything Kristen does online. She writes often about finding community, she is a core part of the (in)Courage community and she has a heart to encourage wives, moms and particularly military wives and moms.

Join us today as we chat about her blogging journey and how blogging community can become real community.

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Q & A Friday: How To Download a Web Video

Every week on the How They Blog Twitter and Facebook accounts, I’ll be asking for your web/blogging questions and then create a post or video tutorial to help you.

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Need a Blog Coach? I Can Help.

My goal here at HTB isn’t just to give you good information.

My goal is to give you such great information and opportunities for action that I have to beg to interview you because everyone wants to know how you’re taking massive steps forward with your site.

So….I have an exciting new opportunity for you…if you’re serious about your blogging.

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Changing It Up At How They Blog

This is just a quick announcement about a few changes I’m making here at How They Blog. My goal is to pack every single post with helpful, actionable and inspiring content and after 6 months of working on HTB, I think I’ve noticed some ways to make things even better. I’m really excited about what […]

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How They Blog Interviews Heather MacFadyen

An Interview with Heather MacFadyen

She’s hilarious. She hosts a successful blog conference (one of the best I’ve ever been to). She’s writing a book. She’s a mom to four….FOUR boys. Oh yeah, and she blogs. I’m very excited to share an interview with the fabulous Heather MacFadyen.

You’ll love her witty humor and be inspired by her blog story, especially if you dream of writing a book but think you need to have a massive blog first…

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