HTB #015 – Why Email Lists Are Essential to Every Blogger – An Interview with Amy Lynn Andrews

Today I’m chatting with Amy Lynn Andrews about the importance of email lists to bloggers. We will discuss why you need one and we will demystify the difference between an email list and RSS email subscriptions. Amy and I also cover the different email systems and what content to include in your email newsletter.

Grab your headphones, learn and grow!

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HTB #009 – Blogging and (gasp) Making Money – An Interview with Amy Andrews

Today we are chatting with Amy Lynn Andrews. She is my go to person when I have a technical question and her blog is jam packed with blogging tips and tricks. In this episode we’ll chat about:

* Why it’s ok to make money from your blog
* How to make money from your blog
* Why we were in our closets when we recorded this interview

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Amy Lynn Andrews: On Social Media and Writing

Amy Lynn Andrews Blog: Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram YouTube Google+ What a great week we’ve had with Amy! If you haven’t check out her site yet, go grab a cup of coffee, sit in your cozy chair and read through all the amazing content she has there. She has tutorials on how […]

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Amy Lynn Andrews: Blogging Gadget and App Recommendations

I was going to write a longer into to Amy’s interview today, but there is SO MUCH goodness in here, that I…um…spent all my time checking out the cool apps she recommends. Check it out:

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How They Blog: Amy Lynn Andrews

Y’all….we have a blogger’s blogger in the house today. Amy Lynn Andrews’s blog is where I go when I need info on the latest blogging news.

When Google Reader shut down and I needed to find a new place to read all my blogs where did I go? Amy Lynn Andrews.

When I started hearing buzz about Google+ and Author Rank, who translated all the geek speak? Amy Lynn Andrews.

If you need to learn about anything about blogging, just grab some coffee and spend a couple hours on her blog. It is a treasure trove of information.

This week, we get to know the lovely lady behind the blog a little bit more. And in case you’re wondering if she goes by “Amy” or “Amy Lynn” …. (drumroll) it’s simply “Amy.”

Today she’s sharing how she got started and some important lessons she learned along the way.

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