How They Blog Interviews Jeff Goins!

A note from Kat: Wait! Don’t freak out. I know, there’s a boy on How They Blog…

I didn’t intend for this to be a girl only blog, it just happened that the first bazillion bloggers I interviewed…were women.

Jeff is a published author, a full time blogger, a husband and a new dad. Brave man that he is, Jeff is also our inaugural male interview here at HTB. So, be nice.

I had the honor of meeting Jeff at the Declare Conference in August. Again, he and David Molnar were two courageous men among a sea of women bloggers. I was honestly impressed by how much time Jeff took to chat with everyone. He and David could have easily shared their presentations and then hid in their room, but they dove into conversation and shared wisdom with everyone who asked.

Jeff is graciously sharing much of that wisdom today.

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