Katie Orr: On Blog Writing and Social Media

Happy Friday, my friends! I wanted to mention a few things to you before we dive into today’s post with Katie Orr (who has some GREAT advice on writing and social media…)

First, since it’s Friday and we recently talked a good bit about networking and getting involved in the blogging community, I want to point you to Lisa-Jo and her 5 Minute Friday link up. The idea is that you write about a topic for just 5 minutes and then share it – no editing for hours or pouring over phrases – just write. Lisa-Jo has developed a thriving community and it’s a simple, powerful way to connect as well as refine your writing.

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Katie Orr: Blogging Gadget and App Recommendations

Katie is probably the most techie blogger I’ve interviewed so far. She does graphic design, she builds her own sites and has a diverse tool kit of apps and gadgets.

Being a bit of a geek myself, I loved reading about everything Katie uses and discovered several new things to try out.

Whether you’re techie or not, I think you’ll enjoy many of the tips and tricks she is sharing today!

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How They Blog: Katie Orr

I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s guest. Some of you may know her and she may be new to others. Katie Orr is one of my very favorite people. As you’ll read in this interview, we have worked together a lot on various projects, primarily HelloMornings.

I want you to meet Katie because she has the one thing I think most bloggers need more than anything. I’ll tell you what that one thing is at the end of the interview. In the meantime, read her story, take notes and tell me in the comments what your takeaways are and what you’ll take action on today.

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