How They Blog Interviews Liz Griffin

Liz calls herself a naptime abolitionist. And that’s not an exaggeration. She fights human trafficking, talks with law enforcement while making peanut butter sandwiches. She lived in Siberia, rounded up goats in Mongolia on a horse with a stranger and she once babysat for a murderer.

These aren’t sensationalist statements. This is her life. And the beauty of it all is the wisdom she gleans and shares from every crazy experience life throws her way. The basis of any good blogger is a life well lived. Liz passes that test with flying colors.

(Stop here and go read those posts I just linked to up there. They are so. good.)

She is a fantastic writer.

I know you’ll enjoy Liz’s fresh perspective on life and blogging today! Today, think about your stories and your life experiences and how you can use those to bring hope, encouragement and truth to your readers.

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How They Blog: Myquillyn Smith (The Nester)

I’m going to be honest, design blogs intimidate me. Decorating, fashion and all things aesthetic tend to escape me, so I’m amazed by people who can look at an ugly room and transform it into something beautiful.

But this week’s featured blogger makes me feel like making a home gorgeous isn’t a complicated science that I’ll never fully grasp. She’s hilarious, inspiring and if you don’t already know her, I know you’ll love her.

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How They Blog: Amy Lynn Andrews

Y’all….we have a blogger’s blogger in the house today. Amy Lynn Andrews’s blog is where I go when I need info on the latest blogging news.

When Google Reader shut down and I needed to find a new place to read all my blogs where did I go? Amy Lynn Andrews.

When I started hearing buzz about Google+ and Author Rank, who translated all the geek speak? Amy Lynn Andrews.

If you need to learn about anything about blogging, just grab some coffee and spend a couple hours on her blog. It is a treasure trove of information.

This week, we get to know the lovely lady behind the blog a little bit more. And in case you’re wondering if she goes by “Amy” or “Amy Lynn” …. (drumroll) it’s simply “Amy.”

Today she’s sharing how she got started and some important lessons she learned along the way.

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How They Blog: Kris Camealy

Kris Camealy Blog: Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram This week we are featuring my friend Kris Camealy. She has some great stuff to share regarding our blogging perspectives and what constitutes a “successful blogger” or not. But before we dive in, I want to remind you that we’ll be pre-launching the Blog […]

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How They Blog: Katie Orr

I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s guest. Some of you may know her and she may be new to others. Katie Orr is one of my very favorite people. As you’ll read in this interview, we have worked together a lot on various projects, primarily HelloMornings.

I want you to meet Katie because she has the one thing I think most bloggers need more than anything. I’ll tell you what that one thing is at the end of the interview. In the meantime, read her story, take notes and tell me in the comments what your takeaways are and what you’ll take action on today.

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How They Blog: Crystal Stine

A New Kind of Interview

I hope the last few months of interviews have inspired you. I know I’ve learned so much from reading how Tsh, Melanie, Mandi and the rest blog. There is so much value in seeing how full time bloggers and best selling writers do things.

But I also know that at times there can be a disconnect. We can read all these success stories and think, “Well, I’ve never written a New York Times bestseller…” or “I don’t earn coffee money, much less a full time income from my blog.”

So, every 6-8 weeks, I’ll be featuring an everyday blogger. Someone who doesn’t blog full time, maybe hasn’t been at it for long, but who is doing something notably well that we can all learn from no matter how far along we are in our blogging journey.

Today, I’m featuring Crystal Stine. I’ve known her for about a year or so, but I just recently hired her as a VA to work on a couple projects for me and as I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve been very impressed by how she has developed and grown her influence online.

Read on to meet Crystal and find out the two keys she is using to unlock her blogging journey and how you can do the same.

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How They Blog: Mandi Ehman

Want to know a geeky fact about me? Ok…well, I’ll tell you anyway: I love everything entrepreneurial (except spelling it, I always have to double check). I love listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, reading entrepreneurial books, following blogs about startups and business.

If I have ever met an entrepreneurial blogger, it’s Mandi Ehman. She is so impressively professional about her blogging and is always trying new things and launching…something. It’s energizing and inspiring just to follow everything she does.

Whether you plan to make your blog into a business or not, each of us can learn so much about how she manages everything on her plate.

I’ve been really looking forward to her interview here, and she has given us one of the most thorough interviews yet. Such good stuff! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Meet Mandi Ehman

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How They Blog: Emily Freeman

Emily Freeman Blog: Chatting at the Sky Social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram Emily Freeman will always be one of my favorite people. Emily and I went to the Philippines together with Compassion International. We rode together on a variety of crazy contraptions (including a styrofoam boat) and she ugly cried right along with me when […]

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How They Blog: Hayley Morgan

I’ll probably say this all week, but I just love what Hayley is doing online. She is inspiring, encouraging and just flat out getting things done. In just a few short years of blogging she has written several ebooks, co-founded a conference and helped start an entire network of bloggers.

Oh, and she has 4 kids. How does she get it all done? Her secret is something we can all do. Read on, my friends:

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How They Blog: Annie Downs

I’ve known Annie just about as long as I’ve known anyone in this blogging world. I even remember the first post I ever read on her blog. It was about going to a cooking class with a friend. After reading just that one post, I told Jimmy (my husband) what a hilarious and great writer she was.

A few years later, she is now a well known blogger, a published author and a national speaker. Annie is one of the most friendly, fun people you’ll ever meet and I’m pretty sure she knows everyone on the face of the planet.

I know you’re going to learn a lot from Annie this week. Without further ado, here is Annie Downs…


1. Give us a quick intro to you and your blog.
My name is Annie Downs. I am a writer and speaker in Nashville, Tennessee. In my writing, I love sharing truths about my life in Nashville as a single Christian woman and the stories that are woven into each day. That happens on my blog ( as well as at other online outlets and in my books.

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