Get Ready for the New Blog Planning Kit and a Live Webinar!

New Blog Planning Kit
I have some exciting news for you today!

I’m putting the finishing touches on the new version of the Blog Planning Kit. It has been completely redesigned, several new forms added and I’m recording an all new video tutorial to go along with it.

I have to say, my designer Natalie Ward, knocked it out of the park. I love writing in it and…just looking at it. What was that? I’m a nerd. Yep. I am. I love forms and paper and pretty pens.

If you already own the Blog Planning Kit, you should get the updated version on Monday and the new kit will release to everyone else on Wednesday.

My First Live Webinar!

And to celebrate the launch of the new kit, I’m hosting my first live webinar on Wednesday the 26th at 1pm CDT, with my friend Crystal Stine. I’ll be sharing how a simple plan can provide a massive jumpstart for your online efforts.

It’s not possible to build the house of your dreams without a blueprint…a plan. The same goes with blogging. If you want to grow you need a plan. I’ll help you do just that!

Blog Planning Webinar with Kat Lee.jpg

I’ll share my best tips and tricks and answer your questions as well. You can sign up for the webinar here. (And if you can’t make it at that time, I’ll email a recording after the event.)

I’ll be back with a new episode of the podcast next week. Until then, sign up for the webinar by clicking here.

See you on Wednesday!

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  1. I have a conflict with that date and time. How can I get an email of the recording?

  2. Looking forward to hearing the tips. I won’t be able to attend during work but I’ll listen to the recording later.

    • Julie,
      Sounds like a plan. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to include them in the webinar for you!

  3. Exciting! I hope you will talk about the weather too. 😉

    • Joyce,
      You know you can always count on me for a Texas weather update. Although, summer is far too quickly approaching, so this may become a sore subject for me. 🙂

  4. Excited about this! You are such a rockstar. LOVED the HTB email about doing something out of your comfort zone. You have inspired me, friend (as always!)

  5. So glad that you’re offering the recording! The webinar starts right as my lunch break is ending, but you can bet I will be listening as soon as the recording is in my inbox. 🙂

  6. Ok – so I had this saved in my inbox and TOTALLY FORGOT! I’m so sad. I just “signed” up even though the event has passed. Can I still get a recording PLEASE?! Love love love your blog and podcast!

    • Laura,
      Yes! just click on the sign up link in the post above and sign up for the webinar. I’ll be sending out the link today or tomorrow.

  7. Kat, can you give me some general numbers for analytics based on blog sizes? I want one of my blog goals to be to increase my pageviews each day, but I don’t know what a realistic goal would be. For instance, what are the numbers for really big blogs and then medium-sized blogs and then small blogs? I hope this makes sense! Thank you!!

    • Brenda – I would focus on simply multiplying your numbers rather than hitting an arbitrary goal. It would really depend on your niche and such. Some people have very robust and income generating sites with a smaller readership than a site with lots of views. Set a goal to increase 25%, 50%, or more each month or two at first. Then work towards a consistent monthly upward trend.

  8. Unfortunately, I was just introduced to your site and am only now seeing this. It is after the fact, but may I still sign in to receive the recording via email?
    Thanks so much! I’m beyond thrilled with all the wonderful tools your site to help us bloggers out!


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