How To Install WordPress, Change Your Theme and Write Your First Post in 9 Minutes and 7 Seconds

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Start Blogging Today. I’ll Show You How.

I have gotten a lot of questions lately from people who want to blog but just don’t know where to start, so I thought I’d do a series and walk you through the process from the very beginning.

Today I’m going to show you how to initially set up your blog. Actually, you’ll install WordPress, change your theme and write your first post in just a few minutes…9 minutes and 7 seconds, to be exact.

Of course, I do recommend you actually confirm things you type in and read what you’re clicking on, so while you certainly can follow along with me click by click and do it all in 9 minutes and 7 seconds, I recommend you set aside 15-20 minutes to be safe.

Let’s Get Started!

To speed the process up, though, get a few things ready…

Step 1: Get Your Stuff
Have your payment information handy.

Step 2: Open two browser windows side by side.
You might make my video smaller in the corner, but having them side by side will speed up the process so you can simply follow along with what I do. You could also open my video on your phone or tablet.

Step 3: Let’s go!
Click here to go to the Media Temple website.

In this video I recommend Media Temple web hosting. I take your trust very seriously, so I’d like to tell you why I recommend Media Temple.

1. HISTORY – I’ve used Media Temple on all my top sites (including this one) for nearly 10 years. They have been rock solid for me.

2. SERVICE – Twice, I’ve had a WordPress plugin go crazy on me and mess up my site. Media Temple not only restored my site to a previous backup they had, but they even waived an overage fee because of that plugin. I didn’t even ask them to do that. I love great customer service.

3. SCALE – Media Temple’s GRID hosting can handle all my sites on one single account AND it can handle any huge surges in traffic because of the grid structure. Many normal shared hosting services get bogged down if one site gets a surge in traffic, or worse yet, they will just shut down your site. Media Temple’s GRID servers simply scale to your needs so you never have to worry about massive growth stalling your site.

And should you ever want to easily upgrade to dedicated WordPress hosting (unnecessary for most beginning bloggers) or a dedicated server, Media Temple offers both. Basically, MT can grow with your site no matter how quickly you grow.

4. QUALITY – I love the fact that major companies like ABC, Disney, Oakley and more choose Media Temple. They are also a preferred choice of many designers and developers. It’s like buying the car that car repairmen choose. You know you’re getting quality.

5. TECHNICIANS – Finally, I like that they offer handy tech services. If you need help with your blog, whether it’s installing plugins, speeding up your site or moving it from another host, they have techs that can handle it all for you.

The bottom line is that MT has been a rock for me and it’s the only host I’ve put through the ringer without any problems. There are cheaper options, but I believe Media Temple is the best balance of value and quality.

I especially like that Media Temple is upfront about their pricing. They just have one simply monthly rate. When it comes to money and technical things, I like simple.

Most of the hosting companies with super low “monthly rates” only to tell you halfway through the checkout process that you have to pay hundreds of dollars upfront to get that “low monthly price.”

Ready to set up your first blog? Click play on the video above and let’s get started!


If you have any questions, just ask them below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you!

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  1. This series is just what I am looking for. Thanks for it already.

    • Amy,
      Yay! I’m so glad to hear that. I’d love your input as well. If there are any particular things you’d like me to cover, be sure to mention them here and I’ll make sure to address them.

      • I would love some tips on pictures. Tutorial for pic monkey, sizing of pictures, what pictures you are allowed to use. I would also love blog templates. How do you structure a good post?

  2. Would love to see how to use picmonkey!!! Thanks!

  3. Hi, Kat! I found your video very helpful! I currently have a site and have been considering “upgrading”. Could you please explain how to register a domain name for my site (i.e., is it the same process outlined in the video?) and switch my current site over to a self hosted site? Can that be done? Thanks so much!

    • Hi! I’m so glad the video was helpful for you. Yes, the process is just the same as the one you saw in the video. The only difference might be if the domain name you’re thinking of (and enter into the field) is already taken. In that case, Media Temple will let you know that one is taken and you can try another name or it will suggest alternatives for you.

      To export your posts, comments and data from just go to the dashboard TOOLS>EXPORT and select the free option and then the ALL CONTENT option.

      Once you set up WordPress on your hosting provider, go to your new dashboard and select TOOLS>IMPORT and import the XML file you received from your site.

      There you go! I’ll plan on making a video of this process as well.

      Note that this process doesn’t transfer the design, just the content.

  4. Thank you so much for this tutorial. Very well done.

  5. Thanks for the info!! I have my site and theme now I am overwhelmed by the plugins what plugins do you reccomend? Thanks for this blog and the podcast. They both are super helpful!

  6. Angela Overton says

    Kat, you are amazing. I have been listening to your “How They Blog” podcast perpetually for days and have been researching how to begin blogging. I am inspired. I am wondering if I should begin a WordPress account first (since I have never blogged a day in my life) – OR – if I should purchase a Media Temple package. I do not know what the difference between the two are, even though you explained Media Temple very well. Also, if I begin a WordPress account, can I transfer it to Media Temple later on and keep my domain name? I have butterflies in my stomach, I know your blog has been a God-inspired discovery in my life.

  7. Hello, not sure if you still check this page but I was watching your video on getting started and was wondering if I needed something other than WordPress? I had opened an account before I saw this and have procrastinated I getting it set up and going. Just wondering.
    Thank you, this page has been very helpful in helping me get rid off my fears in starting my blog.

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