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How do YOU blog?

There are many fantastic bloggers out there that I have yet to meet, so a few weeks ago, I posted this form to give everyone an opportunity to introduce yourselves.

I’ll be sharing several of these “How YOU Blog” interviews each month, sprinkled between our regular interviews. I know you’ll love the fresh perspectives and personalities!

To kick off the series, here is an interview with reader, Pam Farley.

She’s kind of hilarious. I know you’ll love her.

I also thought it might be helpful to point out why I picked Pam’s interview to feature here. I’ve received over 50 interviews and many of them are fantastic.

Why did Pam’s stand out? Read to the end to see my 3 reasons why:

Meet Pam Farley

Pam and her family living up to her advice in question #5.

Pam and her family living up to her advice in question #5.

1. Tell us your blogging story.
It occurred to me in 2009 that a lot of friends/co-workers were asking how we continued to survive/thrive during and after the recession.

I have a full-time job and my husband owns a comic book store–but nobody was spending money on comics at that time! There were about 3 years in which we lived on one income alone–with two kids to boot.

I realized that there was a much bigger audience for my green-and-frugal living tips than my immediate circle, and was born.

2. What is your writing process?
Inspiration comes during the most inconvenient times–like when I’m at work. It’s unethical to work on my blog while I’m at the office, so I take notes on my iPhone.

During the evening, I try to find time to expand on my notes–either on the computer or in my blogging notebook. Sometimes I tell my son that I’m doing homework too! It’s an encouragement to him to complete his schoolwork when he sees that I’m writing as well.

3. What are your favorite gadgets and apps?
My iPhone is my #1 tool, since I use it to jot down notes and brainstorming ideas. I’ve even used it to dictate blog posts during my drive to daycare! My second favorite gadget is my slow cooker, because I can start dinner in the morning and that gives me more time to blog in the evening. :o)

The best workplace photo yet.

The best workplace photo yet.

4. How to manage or use social media? Tips?
I use Crowdbooster, which lets me know when my readers are engaged and most likely to see my posts. It’s been very helpful with increasing my views/shares and preventing me from spamming FB/Twitter followers.

A recent FB post asking readers if they would consider stainless-steel drinking straws got quite a flurry of activity! It’s been fun to post about my experience with certain products (not sponsored posts, just sharing ideas) and see what different readers have to say.

5. What is the best blogging advice you have received or can share?
There are lots of bloggers in your niche–no matter what it is–but there’s only one you. Let your personality shine through!

“There’s only one you. Let your personality shine through!” –> Click to Tweet!

Why I Chose Pam’s Interview

I don’t want to just fill HowTheyBlog with interviews. I am adamant that each one be helpful and useful for you. Pam did a great job of sharing her story as well as some creative blogging tips.

1. Her first sentence was intriguing. Most of the interviews I’ve received, start off with “I started blogging in (date)…” That’s very informational, but it’s not intriguing. If you want to capture your readers, pack your first sentence with punch. It doesn’t need to be fancy or poetic. Pam’s first sentence stood out from the other interviews and simply made me want to know more.

2. You are the only thing separating you from everyone else. Pam’s interview was different from others because it showed her personality. This post on her blog also shows her personality and made me read an entire post about scrubbing potatoes.

You don’t need to be funny, you just need to let your personality shine through. People can find information in an encyclopedia. They want personality on a blog. Show yours.

“People can find information in an encyclopedia. They want personality on a blog.” –> Click to Tweet

3. Details – She made it easy for me to select her interview because I knew it would be interesting for HowTheyBlog readers. She kept it short, but helpful. She resized photos as requested and included links I asked for.

Sometimes it’s the little details that make it easy for others to promote you.

Can I Submit An Interview?

Sure! Just click here to submit your interview.

If you’ve already filled out the interview, and you’re now wishing you’d made it a little more interesting, feel free to resubmit it at any time.

Coming Up on!

I’m working on the interview list for the Fall (I can’t wait to share some of these incredible bloggers!), but if there are any bloggers you’d like me add to my interview list, share them in the comments.


I’m also working on a podcast. Do you listen to podcasts? (I hope so, they are kind of awesome.) Anyone you’d like me to chat with?

Jump into the Discussion: Give a high five to Pam in the comments and let me know any bloggers you’d like me to add to the interview list. Click here to comment.

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  1. I’m excited to read Pam’s blog now! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who relies on her slow cooker! I’ll have to look into Crowdbooster, I have never heard of it before, but it sounds really helpful so thanks for the recommendation.
    I would love to read about Andrea Dekker and Christin Slade just to name a few bloggers.

  2. Enjoyed your pictures and your story! Love the idea of dictating my blog posts using my Iphone… if only I could get Siri to understand my Southern drawl! šŸ™‚

  3. Loved your interview and a great reminder to be myself!


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