HTB #002 – Blogging and Book Writing – An Interview with Heather MacFadyen

How do you write a book proposal? How do you balance blogging and book writing? Why do bloggers need conferences? These are just a few of the topics I’m chatting about today with Heather MacFadyen.


Welcome to episode #002 of the How They Blog Podcast! Heather blogs at and is in the midst of juggling book writing, blog writing, conference hosting and raising four boys.

I’m so excited for you to get to know her today. So grab a cup of coffee, your laundry or your running shoes and join us for a chat!

Links Mentioned In Today’s Show

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Ann Voskamp
Amy Lynn Andrews

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  1. Excellent Podcast Kat and Heather!! Lots of great info and thank you for sharing your heart Heather!

  2. Loved this! It was so encouraging to hear from someone who wasn’t that far along in the blogging “journey” when a book proposal came into the picture. And Declare sounded great :).

  3. PS, rated it on iTunes, but the review didn’t show up–? Wondering if you have to get a bunch before that happens.

  4. Loved this podcast Kat! Even though I’m not a Mom or ‘Mom-Blogger’, I love that you talked about blogging and writing topics that were applicable to my blogging journey. I’ve searched this podcast multiple times on itunes, and couldn’t get it to call up. (it may have been my phone, I’m trying it now on my computer–can you tell I’m technologically challenged?) ๐Ÿ™‚ Bookmarking your podcast, and listening regularly now – thank you! (I want to do or be on a podcast myself one day – here’s hoping for future goals!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  5. Commenting as I listen again…should be fun!…

    “It’s easier having 3 kids than just having 1.” <– I'll try to convince my hubby of this. haha! But true to some extent…my nephew (only child) is always up in my sister's business, but I have been practicing "Go play with your sister." since before the 2nd one was born. :p And growing up there were 4 of us, so never a dull moment…

    I am so going to find that Tips on Changing Diapers post!!

    Love the touchpoints!

    Nope…no conferences on the West Coast!…well, nothing like Allume or Declare anyway. Hoping there will be one some day. We are trying to get a bloggers' retreat going though.

    You are awesome, Heather! ..not Susan Boyle though. :p What an amazing journey in writing.

    New title for this post: HTB #002 โ€“ An Interview where Heather MacFadyen finds out about Audible


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    HTB #002 – Blogging and Book Writing – An Interview with Heather MacFadyen

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