HTB #010 – Taming the Beast: How to Make Social Media Manageable

Social media can be overwhelming. It can take up so much of our time. But it is also very powerful and can change the trajectory of our blog with a single viral post.
So how do we tame it and make it work for us instead of against us? How do we spend less time, yet still have an impact. That’s what we’ll chat about in this episode of the How They Blog podcast.

We’ll discuss:

  • How do you know which social media platform to focus on?
  • Which social media platform is the most powerful and effective?
  • How can I keep social media from stealing all of my time?

Grab your headphones and join me for a chat!

Links Mentioned in this Episode

AdAge article about Facebook organic reach

How to Listen to This Podcast

If you’re new to podcasts, think of them like little radio shows that you can listen to at your convenience. They are perfect to listen to and learn from as you workout, fold laundry, wash dishes or conquer the world.

1. Listen right here on the blog. Click through to the site and click the little play button at the beginning of this post.

2. Listen on your smartphone, iPad or iPod Touch – There are a lot of great podcasting apps. Apple has a free one in the app store, but I like one called Downcast. It allows me to search for shows, subscribe to them and even speed up the audio.

3. Subscribe to the Podcast – just click here to access the podcast in iTunes. You can also search for it on your smartphone app (like the ones listed above) and subscribe.

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  1. Thanks for answering my question Kat. I have a post going up tomorrow on how this helped me hone in on my target reader.

  2. I LOVED what you said about e-mail being the original blogging platform. I never thought about it before but while you were talking about it my inner nerd came to life. Back in the 90s and the days of AOL I used to read what they called “zines” they were basically blogs that you only received by signing up for on these huge email lists.

    Some of them were topic based, some of them were short stories (totally made up) the authors were writing but most of them were basically journals of the authors life…I had no idea who they the authors were but as a middle and high schooler (with a pretty boring life) I was enthralled into the lives of these high schoolers and college kids that had love lives that sounded interesting.

    I even tried to write my own once..but didn’t get very far. Apparently my blogging career started when I was very young…I just didn’t know it 🙂

  3. SO enjoying your podcasts – from over the Pond! 🙂 SO warm, fun and inspiring and PACKED with fabulous info – LOVED this one (a treat, catching up on a couple of episodes since Christmas holiday blur!) and great advice that I’ll listen to again when not schlepping back from shops in the run before doing school run!

    Makes PERFECT sense to use the platform that you use – and thank you for saying you don’t have to be on everything, everywhere but what’s doable for you and to be true to you – thank you! I am going to go rate on iTunes but need to sort my log in register as right now it’s in my husband’s name – a To Do! But wanted to say how much I enjoy and THANK YOU.

    (Also – loved your chat about working from where you can/closet at home – I may have to do a post and link to that podcast, as I shifted out a bookshelf in our living room, tucked a desk behind it and it’s my work ‘nook’ which in fact was largely overtaken by our Christmas tree past few weeks! Now I can get back to work without fear of a tree and million decorations falling on my head! 🙂 .

    Just realised, this is possibly more an email than a blog comment – sorry, but THANK YOU, Kat, for all you’re doing! 🙂

  4. Kat,
    I have been reading at Inspired to Action and now here ever since I heard you speak at Allume in 2012. Thank you for your words, your generosity, your faithfulness. You truly have inspired me in so many ways.
    Just wanted to let you know! This podcast was especially helpful. I have a lot of work to do this year, but loved the reminder of seasons.
    All the best,


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