HTB #013 – The Power of Being a Consistent Blogger – Stories from a Third World Country – An Interview with Joy Forney

Joy Forney

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How can you possibly blog consistently when you can’t even count on having electricity? Or when you’re writing is interrupted by the 20 foot python your kids are trying to catch in the backyard? Or when you are in the midst of a triple continent move?

As bloggers, we all face obstacles. Joy Forney has had some pretty spectacular ones and has managed to blog consistently through all of them. There, of course, have been slower seasons but I am incredibly inspired by her dedication and commitment to her craft and to her readers. You will be too.


Joy Forney blogs at and has been writing to inspire women (particularly wives and mothers) for several years. She has blogged from Indonesia, Oregon and she’ll soon be writing from Uganda. She is the wife of a Missionary Pilot and the mother of 5 children.

I honestly did not want to stop talking with her. She had so many fascinating stories and some incredible wisdom. This is truly an entertaining AND educational episode.

Today’s Blogging Wisdom

Blogging Through Obstacles

In Indonesia, Joy had to be proactive about her writing. She never knew when the internet or electricity would be out for extended periods of time. She had to prepare her content well in advance of when she wanted to post so that service interruptions wouldn’t affect her blogging plan.

You and I may not deal as much with questionable electricity or network connections, but we do deal with life. It is just as important for us to be prepared so that we are not affected by last minute schedule changes, sicknesses or computer issues.

Know Your Capacity

With 5 kids, a husband who traveled a lot and 20 foot pythons in her backyard, Joy had a lot on her plate. She knew she couldn’t do “all the things” bloggers are “supposed” to do. So, she learned to know her capacity and let things go. What is your capacity? What “blogging things” do you need to intentionally let go of instead of feel guilty about?

Social Media Tips

Joy shares some of her social media highs and lows. She has had huge success with Facebook and Pinterest and she shares her best tips. She mentions her favorite image editor, PicMonkey, and I thought I’d add a new favorite of mine, Canva.

Take Action Now

1. Build a Blog Cushion – Write one simple, timeless post and SAVE it. Our tendency is to share our writing right away. Save it instead.

2. Intentionally Stop – We simply can’t do everything everyone says bloggers should do, so what is one thing you’re going to intentionally stop doing? Let go so that you can focus on the most important things.

Do you struggle with blogging consistency? What action are you going to take this week to be more consistent? Will you build your blog cushion or let go of something? Click here to tell me in the comments!

How to Listen to This Podcast

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1. Listen right here on the blog. Click through to the site and click the little play button at the beginning of this post.

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  1. There is not much that gets me excited about putting away laundry but I have to say that when I get your email update about a new podcast I get a little excited about laundry day coming my way!!! Thanks for making these available. I really enjoy them!

  2. Yay! Love that Joy was able to be “here”! I blog from Uganda too and scheduling posts is SO IMPORTANT! The internet and electricity really are fickle! The other thing that helps me is having a grid: Monday- gratitude, Tuesdays- inspirational, etc… so as I go about my day I can just plug experiences into post categories.

    • Kelly,
      I can’t imagine all the challenges you must face. I love that you’re being intentional and not allowing sketchy electricity or internet keep you from sharing your wisdom and encouraging others. You inspire!

  3. I can’t wait to listen to this! I have been more than frustrated feeling like I’m just not blogging material and can’t keep up the pace that many do. I’ve actually taken a couple months off just to write, but have been feeling guilty about it. This will be encouraging, I’m sure! Thank you!!

    • I do hope it does encourage you Keri. And really? There are no blogging rules. Just share great content consistently (however frequent or infrequent that is) and you’re bound to grow. It’s like building a house, we don’t worry about the kind of furniture we put in until we have laid out the foundation. Keep it simple and focus on first things first.

      I think you’ve done that by taking a few months off to write. That’s very wise. Many bloggers just keep blogging without really knowing what they are trying to say.

      Thanks for sharing Keri!

  4. I washed my dishes while listening today! Loved hearing you chat about these topics. 🙂

  5. thank you for featuring an expat blogger!!! i blog from cambodia, where, admittedly, our internet connection and electricity is far more reliable than other parts of the world. but i find it so encouraging to hear from other women living overseas. thanks for introducing me to joy!

  6. I love how Joy gets up, prioritizes quiet time with God, then forces herself to write for an hour. That is a helpful formula, and definitely doable …(if i get up early enough). It’s also freeing to hear that she shoots for 2 posts per week because that is much less pressure than 3+


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    HTB #013 – The Power of Being a Consistent Blogger – Stories from a Third World Country – An Interview with Joy Forney

  2. […] Listen to this podcast on how Joy Forney, blogged in a third world country with 5 kids in tow, unreliable wifi and electricity. […]

  3. […] Listen to this podcast on how Joy Forney, blogged in a third world country with 5 kids in tow, unreliable wifi and electricity. […]

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