HTB #015 – Why Email Lists Are Essential to Every Blogger – An Interview with Amy Lynn Andrews

Amy Lynn Andrews


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Note: The winner from last week’s giveaway of the Blog Planning Kit was – J.Rae.

Today I’m chatting with Amy Lynn Andrews about the importance of email lists to bloggers. We will discuss why you need one and we will demystify the difference between an email list and RSS email subscriptions. Amy and I also cover the different email systems and what content to include in your email newsletter.

Grab your headphones, learn and grow!

Today’s Blogging Wisdom

Tip #1: Understand the Difference Between RSS and Newsletter Subscribers

RSS – Instead of users logging into a feed reader, your audience receives your most recent posts automatically in their email inbox

Newsletter – This is not a compilation of your blog posts – this is a separate document you create manually that contains information not on your blog.


  • Use auto responders to provide valuable content (like eBooks and helpful tips) to email subscribers after they sign up
  • Use the subscriber’s name in the emails to add a personal touch
  • Have a plan for your blog and your newsletter to provide the best value to your readers

Tweet to Inspire: “Our ultimate goal isn’t to grow our emails, it’s to grow our readers” – @AmyLynnAndrews on @HowTheyBlog <— Tweet this!

Tip #2: Pick an Email Provider

Don’t worry about which email provider has the most features, unless you’re already using those features or have a plan in place to use those features. Start with something simple that will enable to you get started.

Some options to research:

Bonus tip: Find the “get started” tutorials on the site to help walk you through the initial set up.

Tweet to Inspire: “”It’s not just about having email lists, it’s about giving value to people”- @AmyLynnAndrews on @HowTheyBlog –> Tweet this! 

Tip #3: How To Attract Email Subscribers

  • Give away something for free (like an eBook or printable)
  • Create a launch campaign for your newsletter
  • Host a webinar & collect email addresses in exchange for access to the event

Quick Links

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  3. BlogLovin
  4. Useletter
  5. Reddit

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  1. This podcast was perfect timing as I spend some time over the weekend trying to figure out whether or not I wanted to start a newsletter and what was a trusted source in setting up an email template system. Thanks again! Survived laundry day for one more week. lol

    • Glad it came at a good time, Kim!

    • Podcasts and laundry day go together like peanut butter and jelly. Glad to bring you the wisdom of Amy just when you needed it!

      • Set up my Mad Mimi account and you guys were NOT joking about customer service. Any day any time I had a question, I had a response in minutes.. Crazy! Sent out my first newsletter and it was really refreshing. Thanks so much for taking the time to put these super helpful interviews together! Now I can stop spamming my subscribers every time I publish a post.

  2. Thanks — perfect and timely. I especially appreciate the nudge to find that elusive, gotta-have incentive that attracts email subscribers to my book updates.

    • Cat,
      I’m so glad you found it helpful! If you have questions, let me know. I think this podcast needs a follow up show – email lists are important, but pretty confusing to do well.

  3. So, It is 1:25 am and I am still back-listening to past episodes! (Love this podcast, Kat).

    I have recently set up a newsletter/email list and this episode affirms that I have taken the next step. I am still trying to figure out automation and follow-up emails – and how often to send one and everything.

    Has there been a follow-up to this?


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