HTB #016 – How To Blog Like An Olympian

How do you go pro as a blogger? How do you give your very best? That’s what we are talking about today on the podcast.

How To Blog Like An Olympian

Today’s Blogging Wisdom

6 Essential Practices to Help You Blog Like An Olympian:

1. Choose your attitude.
2. Follow your routine.
3. Plan your success.
4. Imagine your success.
5. What you do off the field determines what you do on the field.
6. Pray for faithfulness to do your best with what you’ve been given.

Tweet to Inspire: “Excellence comes down to what happens in your head.” Olympic Level Blogging on @HowTheyBlog

Tweet to Inspire: “Will you make your challenges your excuse or your story?” Olympic Level Blogging on @HowTheyBlog

Tweet to Inspire: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.โ€-Aristotle // Olympic Level Blogging on @HowTheyBlog –>


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Take Action Now

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  1. I’m needing a little boost (kick in the pants!) to get out of a winter funk. Thanks for your words today.

  2. I am going to take action by being more disciplined in writing everyday. My first step will be creating a time budget on google calendar.

  3. I loved this episode and am so glad I discovered your podcast! As a really new blogger it has inspired and helped me SO much as I write and develop my blog. You don’t even know. Thank you.

    • I’m SO glad to hear that Jessica! If there is ever a topic you want me to cover or a person you want me to interview, just let me know.

  4. I am always encouraged to listen to your podcasts. I want to be an Olympian blogger and one way I can implement that mentality is to stay focused on writing a good post and not get off track with time-wasting distractions.

  5. This was like a booster shot in the arm for me! I definitely need work on a better writing routine, writing every day, and being awesome OFF the field! This was great!

  6. Kat this was my absolute favorite podcast of all 16 episodes ~ you truly knocked it out of the park with this one! I discovered you a couple of weeks ago and have listened to each podcast (some even twice!) while walking my dog (and he likes to be walked at least 4x a day so you can imagine how quickly I’ve made it through all the episodes ๐Ÿ™‚

    The past couple of days I kept hitting refresh on my smartphone because I had not seen a new episode so I was thrilled to find it yesterday. My favorite line was “are you going to make your challenges your excuse or your story” ~ I’m making a card of that to go on my desk!

    • Woohoo! I’m thrilled you liked this episode and that you’re enjoying the podcast. You’ve inspired me to be a better dog owner…4x a day…my sweet pup is lucky if he gets a walk twice a day. Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. Loved listening to this on my way to work this morning. I share your fondness for everything Olympics!

    My Olympic blogger tasks for this month are to get the redesign of my blog done (thinking like an Olympian…must be prepared for success!) and using an editorial calendar plugin to keep track of my post ideas and schedule.

    Thanks for all you do to support us as bloggers and world-changers!

    • Sniff…I’m a little sad the Olympics are over. When we told our kids that it would be 2 more years until the next Olympics, they nearly cried. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s nice to meet another Olympic geek!

      I use the editorial calendar plugin and love it. I tried edit flow, but it was more than I needed.

  8. Thank you for the encouraging episode, Kat! I’m blogging like an Olympian by honing in on my core strengths and cutting out a couple of regular blog posts that weren’t giving me much return for the work invested.

  9. I am just getting into listening to the podcasts. This one is so encouraging!! Thank you

  10. This week I want to finish my free resource offered as a thank you for those who subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I’m thinking like an Olympian: I’m not in the big league yet, but I want to act like it, giving my readers great quality content and treating them like the valued readers they are.

    Thank you, Kat, for leading by example: your dedication to delivering quality content and choosing your attitude, even when you haven’t slept well and your mic doesn’t work. ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate you!

  11. Seriously, my favorite favorite podcasts of yours are when its just you talking to us. So much wisdom comes from your heart. Thanks for being an Olympian Podcaster!


  12. Love your podcast! Your tips are so simple and easy to follow and not overwhelming like some of the other blogging podcasts I’ve listening to in the past.

    This podcast really motivated me to finish all the web projects I have half done and get at least one of them finished. I think I need to go to Starbucks and just hash them out without distractions one day. Can’t wait for your next podcast!

  13. Thank you for sharing your authentic voice with us and being an example of what it means to be great. As a new blogger, I’ve found that my struggle is time management. I simply want to do it all but of course that is an unrealistic daily goal. As Stephen mentions here, Google Calendar is a great way to stay organized and could serve as an excellent first step towards setting those goals. Blogging is a business and should be approached as such. Great advice.

  14. Your show is some sort of catalyst for the creative side of my brain. I spend good portions of the podcast making notes for ideas that pop in my head and have to keep backing up and replaying parts I’m missing. Thanks for getting up enough gumption to get this podcast out. Was very encouraged. I’m thinking about getting myself one of those bobsled spandex suits in red, white and blue to blog in each day. Lol. It might help me think more like an Olympian. He he. Great post Kat!!

  15. I had quit blogging for a while because I didn’t know what kind of direction my blog needed to take. I LOVED your advice about “Make it your excuse or your story.” That really helps me narrow the focus for my blog and see how I can help people by being authentic.


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