HTB #018 – Time Management, Self Doubt and Growing Your Audience – Q & A with Kat

(Note: I had audio issues on this episode and am in process of rerecording it, but I felt so strongly about the content I wanted to post it anyway and make sure you got the information.)
In this podcast I share with you the power of getting stuff done. There is so much information coming at us every day about what to do as bloggers, and today we’re going to address some of my most frequently asked questions about time management, self doubt & growing your audience.

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Today’s Blogging Wisdom

Time Management:

1. Stop looking at your blog like a blogger – look at it like a business.

2. Ask yourself: what solution is your blog offering?

3. Blog as often as you can blog consistently.

4. Create a time evaluation – determine the time you actually have available to dedicate to blogging. It might be less than you think and adding to your frustration or lack of productivity.

Tweet to Inspire: “There is more power in faithfulness than there is in just talent.” – @inspired2action on @HowTheyBlog

Self Doubt:

1. Don’t think of each post as it’s own individual contribution, but think of your blog as a larger framework.

2. When you start focusing on the solution that you offer, you stop worrying about all the tasks you’re “supposed” to do.

3. Learn to be a person who does things from start to finish. Have a “no excuses” mindset.

Tweet to Inspire: “Be someone who follows through, even if you do it badly at first.” – @inspired2action on @HowTheyBlog

Growing Your Audience:

1. People forget about daily encouragement, but they come back when you provide a solution.

2. Focus on what you are passionate about and write about that, for people who share that passion – THAT is your target reader.

3. Once you understand the needs of your audience, create a product to meet their needs.

Tweet to Inspire: “Before you start your blog, create a solution for your readers.” – @inspired2action on @HowTheyBlog

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  1. I LOVED this podcast! My favorite yet! That “self-doubt” monster is what gets me every time!

    • Liz,
      Everything involved in blogging is a learned skill. Talent will carry some people some of the way but a smart learner and hard worker can be every bit as successful as anyone. So just let that “self doubt” monster eat your hard working dust. 🙂 {fist bump}

  2. I want to start my own blog and this podcast gave me a lot of tips to consider. Putting together a schedule I have once a week 4 hours or twice a week 2 hours each. I am struggling with doubting I can actually do this. Thank you Kat for your words of wisdom!

    • Lisa,
      You can definitely start and run a blog with that amount of time. It will require a bit of focus and planning, but it is certainly doable!

  3. I def. stay up WAY too late and avoid homework to blog sometimes. I can’t wait until May when I’ll be done with school and have more time to blog. I used to struggle with self-doubt and no one reading my blog but one day decided it just didn’t matter and I wanted the creative outlet and since then my blog has gotten 1000x better!

  4. This was so helpful! I’m just starting my blog and trying to figure out my niche and what I have to say. The idea of what kind of community to create was so inspirational and put my in the right frame of mind. Thanks so much for your podcasts, I’m a regular listener and love it! Love the time evaluation and a PDF would be awesome! After getting real with myself about the time I actually have to work with I believe that I can devote about 45 minutes a day focused on creating my blog. I think when you really focus and don’t allow other things interrupt that focused time you’d be surprised what you get done!

  5. Great podcast and post!! Thank you. I tend to jump around too and am inconsistent in my blogging. I think as a person who has a background in graphic design sometimes I get so wrapped up in the design of my blog I don’t place enough focus on my content. I’m horrible at time management. I loved how you said to look at blogging as a business rather than a blog. That was really helpful. 🙂

  6. Love your honesty and helpful tips, like producing dateless content

  7. I wanted to come back and add a few things that I thought of last night, when my baby was awake at 2am squawking. Could you do a post on affiliate links, their benefits and how to get them? Also I link a lot between my two blogs. One is called Glimpses of Glory and is about motherhood, homeschooling and faith, my Mum and I write it together and my 2nd blog is Lizzy Ainsworth Books, about writing, my book and ministry. Could you talk about the benefits or disadvantages of doing this? Do readers like this or hate it? Also linking to other blogs for resources, what are some general rules, and one more; link-ups, what are the benefits and how to know if a link up is right for you and your readers because I have found a link up for nearly every day of the week, if I wanted.
    You also inspired me to sit down and work out how much time I really have for blogging and it’s not as much as I thought, I was trying to get out 2-3 posts per blog each week, but I think 1 each is more realistic, in order to make it good content. You’ve also helped me to work out what will be a good e-book, and I think I will start writing that next school term.
    Also wondering if a podcast with Ann Voskamp is on the cards at any point because she is one I would love to hear from.

  8. Kat! This podcast was absolutely fantastic! You had my mind running the whole time; thank you for offering some amazing suggestions…really, it has flipped some of my preconceived ways of doing things/goals! It was really motivating to access my goals, articulating a clear vision (as well as problem and, more importantly, solution). I am really excited to sit down and work through how I can put your suggestions into practice. Thank you – you made folding the laundry that much more productive 🙂

  9. I sat down and wrote out my daily schedule. I have sprinkled throughout my day a total of FIVE hours! Like you I jump from project to project and there is a list of hobbies and projects that I have my hands in and they all fight for my five hours of time. Looking at that number I have two thoughts: 1. there is no reason I can’t dedicate 30 minutes a day to my blog and 2. what am I doing with my TIME?!?!? Thank you for suggesting I find out how much time I can dedicate to my blog. Inadvertently it helped my mind wrap around my daily grind and see the refreshing freedom that I have in making my time work for me! I can do a lot with five hours!!! xoxo

  10. This has been great! I’m still a new/pretty small blog and get easily overwhelmed with where to focus my time on my blog. As a stay-at-home mom to littles, my time for blogging is limited and I feel like I never know where to focus my time. Thanks for some great ideas!

  11. I really enjoyed this show, especially when you recommended starting with a solution and a product even before launching a blog. I wish I would have done that, but 6 months into blogging, I finally launched my first product. Yay!! 🙂 Right now, realistically, I can devote about 10 hours a week to blogging. (My husband is very supportive.) So I just need to be more intentional about using my time well.

  12. This is my first podcast, and I’ve been sitting on a project idea (that I’ve been slowly chipping away at but not prioritizing) since I started my blog last summer — its time to get that baby finished!
    I also need to honestly look at my time and evaluate how much time I want to give to blogging; a lot of my blogging comes from real life, but it still takes time to upload pictures and do write-ups, so I need to spend a week tracking how much time I am spending and then authentically look at if that is sustainable. At this time, I think 3hrs/wk is sustainable, but I need to see how much I actually accomplish in that 3hrs!
    Thanks for the podcast 🙂

  13. This was my favorite podcast yet. So practical! I definitely need to quit worrying about grammar and just write and post photos!

  14. Thank you for this podcast, it was great! I hope I’m not too late to enter the drawing, I have about ten hours a week to blog.
    Also, I was wondering if you could please give some insight into how to gauge comments/likes/shares. I’m just starting blogging so to have 200 page views for me is a big deal (I know it’s tiny though). After 200 page views and not a single comment/like/share, I’m not sure what to do with this information. Does this mean what I’m writing isn’t relevant, or not interesting, or just not enough views to garner comments? I feel like perhaps there is something wrong with my writing, but I’m not sure what to do about it. Thank you so much for your time!

  15. I decided to randomly listen to this podcast while I was cleaning! I was thrilled to hear you address my question. I really appreciate it and this podcast definitely resonated with me and helped me with my self doubt!

  16. Very helpful. 🙂

  17. This was great Kat! I feel like I know you after listening to several of your podcasts, which is fun.
    I’m obviously behind since I’m just now commenting on this. I’m now working my way through your archives because I don’t want to miss anything! I will definitely go review How They Blog on iTunes (assuming I can figure it out…). I have found it to be super helpful.
    My questions would be pertaining to multi-author blogs. How many authors is too many? How and when and how much should regular contributors be compensated? What else might I need to know about this blog format? Pitfalls?
    To provide some context: I’m in the process of getting a multi-author blog together that includes contributions from myself, my sister, a close friend, and my mother-in-law. Quite the group, I know, but all are amazing women, good writers, like-minded and interested in doing this with me. It is good because it takes some pressure off in terms of producing content. It’s the blog I linked here, but I’m not planning to do much more with it until I launch it socially. Now I know I need to go figure out a solution to provide in the meantime!


  18. This piece was incredibly helpful to me. It has IMMENSELY helped me find the vision and focus for my blog and I am getting really excited about its potential. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and encouragement!

  19. Ok seriously, this was one of the most freeing podcasts I’ve ever heard on blogging. Thank you for your honest advice and encouragement. As someone whose a “slight” 😉 perfectionist I can get kind of caught up in the self-doubt. But taking the pressure off and providing a solution for people is just what I needed to hear. I probably have about 6 hours a week I can give to blogging, but some of it feels very unfocused, so thanks for the roadmap 🙂 Pinning to listen again. Thanks Kat!

  20. Lindsey Richardson says

    I really liked the podcast. I am not promoting an app, but one that really helps me create a time evaluation is Smarter Time. It is an app that you tap a button to record what you are doing from taking a shower to work to spending on an app.


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