HTB #17 – How To Change The World With Your Blog – An Interview with Lisa Jo Baker

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One of my primary goals for this site is to help you build a blog that makes a difference. Today’s guest has done just that. Lisa-Jo Baker is a wife, mom, author and blogger. She has rallied her readers and accomplished some amazing things.

She worked hard and didn’t let fear get in her way. In this episode of the podacst Lisa-Jo will share some of the key lessons she’s learned along the way.

Tweet to Inspire: “Build a platform so you can invite others onto it with you.” – @lisajobaker on @HowTheyBlog

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1. Click here to get all the details on Lisa Jo’s exciting new project.

2. Want to share Lisa-Jo’s project? Use this click to tweet to spread the word: “There is NOTHING ORDINARY about being a mother, especially to hundreds of kids who don’t have one.” –> click to tweet

3. Watch the video below for a quick intro to what it’s all about.

Community Center In South Africa from Help One Now on Vimeo.

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how to change the world with your blog - lisa jo baker

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  1. So funny: her comment about “no big or small people”… Lisa-Jo’s blog is in my Feedly under the category “Big Wigs”. Perhaps I should rename it? Good content in this episode, made all the prettier by the occasional South African lilt slipping through in her words.

  2. I REALLY enjoyed this podcast, and am happy to have found your blog! Thanks!

  3. I so loved this interview, Kat & Lisa! It makes my heart pound to think of more mamas and more bloggers stepping out to be a part of world changing, right where they are, right in their everyday. Thanks for sharing your hearts!

  4. What a wonderful podcast! I am new here and am feeling so inspired by what I have listened to so far. Lisa-Jo is an inspiration who listeners can relate to in a very real way. Kat- you do such a wonderful job interviewing and I am so appreciative of the material you are putting together. It is incredibly helpful! Thank you!

  5. Thank you. Just found your podcast and this was a great first listen. So inspiring. I kept tearing up. Hahahah. I’m such a softie. Looking forward to listening to more. Thanks Kat!


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