HTB #21 – Finding Blogging Balance in the Midst of Chaos – An Interview with Stephanie Langford

This past year, Stephanie Langford ran her successful blog,, while traveling around the world with her husband and 4 children.
What?! You heard right. I can barely blog from the same spot every single day…how did she get it all done in the midst of lots of change and travel? Listen and find out.


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Today’s Blogging Wisdom

Tip #1: Learn and Work Hard

Stephanie reminds us that there is nothing “special” about successful bloggers. The only things required are a willingness to learn and a commitment to work hard.

Tip #2: Focus on Content and Networking

When I asked Stephanie what she would do if she had to start all over from scratch, she said these are the two things that would get the majority of her time and energy.

Tweet to Inspire: “Blogging success is mostly dependent on your willingness to learn and work hard.” – @keeperhome on @HowTheyBlog

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Everyone’s blogging chaos looks a little different. Mine looks strikingly like my 3 children. How do you manage to blog in the midst of everything you have going on? Click here to join the discussion!

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  1. Kat, this was so helpful and you ask great questions! Thank you!!

    Of course I have questions! 🙂

    First, what if your niche is very, very narrow. I write more as a ministry to young single women but all my online friends mostly write about homemaking, motherhood, marriage. Any thoughts?

    And again, if it’s appropriate for a blog to be both business and ministry. Are ad networks appropriate for ministry blogs?

    And just some general numbers for hiring help. I know no one wants to talk about it, but I have zero frame of reference. How much do VA’s, etc. cost?

    Thank you so much!!

  2. I loved this as I am in the bundle and I didn’t know this about Stephanie. I am really impressed. I have wanted to make $$ from my blog for a long time. I have a blog I’ve had since 2007. I know I haven’t been consistent which is my #1 issue, but I wonder IF I can ever make enough $$ to do something like Stephanie.

    I don’t even want to travel the world I just want to take a family vacation because my husband and kids and I haven’t had one since 2009.

  3. Ok, so here is my question after listening to the podcast. (BTW, I love that Stephanie encouraged new bloggers to focus on developing quality content and putting ourselves out there to establish connections with others. Such clear advice, and not too difficult to get started.) However, from a technical stand point; I feel that writing good content is a skill I am developing, but formatting it and finding qualities photos to include in my posts is a challenge. What exactly is”nicely formatted” and where might I find “quality photos” until I have been able to take my own to include. I don’t want to pay a lot for photos,yet, I do want to include some in my posts as I know how eye catching they can be. Any recommendations and ideas along these lines are welcome.
    Sort of in hand with this, do you have a recommendation for techie newbies that need help with a certain aspect of blog administration. I have run into snags with implementing ideas for site design that don’t work well. Hiring a site designer is a bit beyond me, but I still would like to have my site look reasonably professional. Do you have recommendations for easy to follow techie sites or WP themes that look good but are easy to use.

  4. So balancing blogging in the midst of chaos . . . ha! still working on this one. So often I spend time writing or working on blog stuff and then that is all I am thinking about it. It is hard to turn it off when I want to be wife and mom. A few things that are helping me as I learn this blogging world; plan, plan, plan (Kat, you should love this), work the plan I create, write down the ideas when they come to get them out of my head and then let them be until time to pay attention to them comes, designate time to write or blog and don’t be distracted from it, and when not in my designated blogging/writing time let it alone (be wife, mom, and home manager knowing my writing time will come around again). I don’t always practice these perfectly, but this is how I am working to balance blogging with all the other things I do.

  5. Love this interview! Stephanie was one of the very first blogs I began reading back in the day. Great tips as usual!


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    HTB #21 – Finding Blogging Balance in the Midst of Chaos – An Interview with Stephanie Langford

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    HTB #21 – Finding Blogging Balance in the Midst of Chaos – An Interview with Stephanie Langford

  6. […] in a recent podcast with Kat of How They Blog a bit about what this looked like for us, the chaos of working while traveling. Or hear me in that noisy coffee shop in Australia, talking with Tsh of The Art of Simple all […]

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