HTB #24 – Blogging, Shop Owning and Marketing – An Interview with Jessi Connolly

Today we are talking business. Jessi Connolly is taking us behind the scenes of her blog, her online shop and into how she and her husband manage all their online endeavors. I was fascinated and could have chatted with Jessi for hours.

If you enjoy this episode, be sure to check out my interview with her on my podcast.

Jessi and I are also both speaking at the Declare Conference in August. We’d love to see you there!


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  1. Almost everyone you interview says ‘planning’ is the key. I need to really develop in this area. Not so much the planning, but the discipline to follow through. Loved hearing this interview with Jessi. Her work (and the work of so many other bloggers!) seems so effortless but it is anything but. There is a tremendous about of effort that goes into working online. Thanks for sharing the inside scoop, Kat!

    • Ah, yes, the discipline to follow through is the hardest part of all. This is where a mastermind group can really be helpful.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the chat with Jessi!

  2. I love what you both said about all business, relational, ministry, etc. skills being simply life skills. Jessi’s perspective on planning really resonated with me too; I don’t plan as much as she does, but I get how not doing so can be more stressful!

    One question: the whole “just when you’re sick of saying something is when everyone else is starting to pick up on it” thing intrigues me. I’m starting to feel that way. How I can I know I’m not completely boring my audience? 🙂

    PS–I’m a big fan of Jacey’s (mentioned in the podcast) blog: 🙂

    • Jenn,
      I think the best indicator is simply your interaction on a topic. Are they still commenting, sharing and asking questions? If so, then they are still interested. And don’t be afraid to ask them what their questions are. Open up the floor and that can revive an interest in a topic and create a conversation not just with you but other readers as well.

  3. stacya066 says

    I love what you said about your doubts about sharing your goals on your blog. I’m a very scheduled, goal oriented person and I love, love, love the way you list and share your goals on your blog each month. I think it is inspirational and holds you accountable but I had wondered if you ever got any negative feedback (or if I was the only one)? Thanks for being honest about that. I struggle when others seem to poke fun at my lists and goals. I get really insecure and drawback from being brave and pursuing bigger things. Your transparency has inspired me today to “goal on”!

    • Stacy,
      I just thought I’d chime in and say I always love when people share their goals. I find it incredibly inspiring. So…”goal on” – (I love that. So fun!)

    • I find it very inspiring as well! I haven’t posted goals on my blog (which isn’t even fully underway yet), but I’ve felt a little silly sharing my blogging dreams with people these past few months. I can tell they think I’m bold. Nonetheless, I think it’s a necessary step, and I would encourage you to continue!

  4. Another great podcast. I particularly liked the “how” part of it. A lot of times I feel like bloggers/business owners are reluctant (not sure if there’s a better word) to share how they actually get it down. I appreciate Jessi sharing how she plans her work.

  5. This was great. Thank you! My question after hearing this podcast is, what would be reasonable first year goals for a new blogger? Love this podcast!

    • Katie,
      I would focus your first year goals on creating consistent content, starting an email list, creating evergreen content and things you have explicit control over. The tendency for a first year blogger is to grow numbers and increase pageviews. But until we have consistent content that solves a readers’ problem, those readers will just visit and leave. We want to create long term relationships.

      But numbers are fun…right? So, I’d say, if you want a number goal, set an email subscriber number as a goal rather than page views or anything like that. How high that goal is depends on how much time you have to blog and how clear you are about your niche.

      Since you’re looking to officially launch your blog on June 1, I’d create a simple resource that encourages people to subscribe to your newsletter. Maybe a Top 5 Resources List for living simply – something short and actionable like that. Then feature that gift – move your subscriber box higher up on your sidebar and maybe make a graphic for it.

      Your subscriber goal could be based on your first month’s growth…or a random number you’re willing to work towards.

      Either way, your site looks great and I look forward to seeing what you accomplish with it!

  6. Gosh, I love behind the scenes, nitty-gritty, how-things-really-get-accomplished kinds of discussions. Thank you both for this one! I feel like there’s never enough time to DO everything I wish I could, so it’s really helpful to hear how other people manage things.

  7. This has been one of my favorite episodes! I was so inspired and encouraged by Jessi’s story. My husband recently became an associate pastor at a church plant and we are praying that one day the Lord will send us out to plant a church. This was incredibly encouraging to see God raise up financial provision through such a creative outlet.

    Practically I was motivated by her organization and thought behind posts, even on social media like Instagram. I think if I was more organized and planned my blog would be more potent and even more thoughtful.

    I gotta work on meal planning for my family first. I think if I can be organized in when I will cook the chicken in my fridge, then maybe I can do Instagram 😉

    • Lauren,
      The Instagram thing inspired me too! I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. Also, I’m planning on doing a Meal Planning Bootcamp on my blog later this summer…maybe that would help? 🙂

  8. Loved this interview. I am right there geeking out with y’all. Especially as she spoke about her boundaries and social media planning. So thankful for both of you and the roles you’ve played in influencing women online…ESPECIALLY ME!


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