HTB #27 – How Conferences Can Jump Start Your Blog and How To Minimize Conference Costs – with Crystal Stine

Today I’m chatting with my friend Crystal Stine again and this time we are talking all about how powerful Conferences can be for your blog growth.

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Conferences are one of my favorite things about blogging. I love meeting friends in real life that I’ve only known online – you create seemingly instant friendships who share your same love for writing and blogging. Today we’re talking about how why we feel conferences are worth it, and how to take advantage of a conference even if you can’t afford to attend!


Today’s Blogging Wisdom

Tip #1: The reward is worth the expense

Going to conferences gives you the opportunity to meet other people who share your passions and helps you create community to help take your writing and your blogging to the next level.

The information you receive at the conference is only the beginning – the connections you make will continue to be a valuable resource long after you’ve gone home.

Tip #2: Conference tips

  • Plan for swag! Pack an extra empty bag to take home all the generous gifts from the conference sponsors.
  • Take time to meet with the sponsors to see how their programs can help you help your readers change the world.
  • Know yourself. It’s okay to have your own room and plan alone time if you’re an introvert.

Tweet to Inspire: “You’ll never regret pretending to be extroverted & meeting more people” – @CrystalStine on @HowTheyBlog –>

Tip #3: How to attend without actually attending

  • Can’t afford to go to a conference? Follow the hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and connect with attendees, ask questions, and take advantage of what they’re learning, too!
  • Purchase the conference recordings afterward to hear all sessions and keynotes from home.

Quick Links

  1. Allume
  2. Declare

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  1. I’m finally biting the bullet and buying my Declare conference ticket today! I heard about it on this podcast months ago and have been considering going ever since. I’m a little nervous about being awkwardly alone, but hopefully I will meet people and not be awkward. I will definitely introduce myself to you Kat. I already feel like I know you through your podcast. 🙂 Anyone else out there going and looking for a friend?

  2. Can y’all tell me what you see as the major differences between Declare and Allume? Especially if you can only go to one. Thank you!!

    • I’m not sure what Kat’s experiences are, but for me I found Declare to be a better fit for my introverted personality (a little smaller, a little more relaxed). Both offer amazing speakers and session options, so it’s really a matter of what you need to learn for where you are with your blog – both conference websites have at least their speaker line-up available & you can see the 2014 Declare sessions and at least the 2013 Allume sessions to give you an idea of what to expect 🙂

    • inspiredtoaction says

      They’re both great conferences. Like Crystal said, it depends on what you are looking for and your personality. I loved Allume because it was so big and exciting and the first conference I ever went to. I loved Declare because it was easier to get to know everyone and it was really close to home for me.

      Check out the sessions and speakers at both and find out if any blogging friends are going to either conference. The best thing about any conference is the relationships you build.

  3. I would *love* to go to a blogger conference some day. Definitely finances that is halting that right now, but I’m sure I’ll be able to go in the future. I really like the idea of hanging out at the twitter parties. 🙂
    I know you talked about Allume and Declare, but what are some of the other ones? These are the only two I think I’ve heard of.
    Sarah M

  4. I’m moving down to the area later this year, so I’m for sure going to Declare next year!


  5. I’m gonna get a ticket and go to Declare! Yikes! I feel awkward going by myself but I guess that’s what many do so…

  6. Thanks so much for the podcast. I am a new blogger and I was trying to figure out the blogger conferences. This is exactly what I needed!

  7. Hi Kat, thanks for your podcast! I just released by first e-mail subscription freebie today inspired by your podcast last week, and it was a lot of fun work, but hopefully it will work for me as well as yours have worked for you.

    I have a quick question about the declare and other conferences. I noticed when I looked up all the conferences y’all talked about on this episode that they were all Christian conferences. What do you think about people attending declare who have different belief systems, or have you been to any secular conferences you recommend with similar energy to those you talked about? I live in Dallas, so I was excited at the possibility of declare. It looks like many of the sessions are not religious topics. I also think a smaller conference would be better as I have only been blogging a few months. What do you think?

    Thank you for all you do!

    • Cindy,
      I have only attended Christian blogging conferences so far, although I’ve heard good things about the one day event – Blogging Concentrated.

      We’d love to have you at Declare! It’s definitely going to have a faith based tone in the Keynotes and general sessions, but the breakout sessions are all straight up content based (except the “inspiration” track) sessions that you’d be able to glean a lot from.

      Let me know if you come, I’d love to say hi!

  8. Brittany at says

    So… I didn’t listen to this podcast when it first came out because I thought “No way can I get away right now… and even if I could, I’m sure conferences are a lot of money…” but I’m so glad that I listened anyway! I never would have thought about following a Twitter # or volunteering, and those are two really fantastic tips! Now, I’m really excited and hope I can go to one in the future! Thanks for sharing such great advice, ladies!


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    HTB #27 – How Conferences Can Jump Start Your Blog and How To Minimize Conference Costs – with Crystal Stine

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