HTB #28 – How To Create An Email Gift New Subscribers Will Love

If you don’t already have an email giveaway or a “welcome gift” for your email subscribers, I highly recommend it. My email list is the foundation of everything I do online.

In this Q & A session of the podcast Tim Aton asks how to dream up and create an email giveaway that subscribers will actually want. I’ll share how I’ve created my giveaways and give you a tip on how to create a surefire winner that your subscribers will love.


Over the course of the summer (and hopefully beyond) I’ll be offering these shorter and very specific podcasts that will answer your questions. If you have a question you’d like answered, click here to leave a message (be sure to include your name and blog.)

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  1. Love the idea to offer different things as a subscriber gift. I hadn’t really thought about that. My free ecourse seems to be going well. I’ve definitely seen an increase in my new subscriber rate since I started offering that (as opposed to just some free printables). Next, I want to work on offering more exclusive subscriber only content on an ongoing basis.

  2. Thanks for this! I’v been wanting to work on this but I haven’t really know how to start!

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