HTB #29 – What In The World Should I Put In My Email Newsletter?

Not sure what kind of content goes on your blog and what should go in your email newsletter? Never fear. Kat is here.

In this episode of the podcast, Lauren Hlushak asks that very question and I share the 5 kinds of content you can use in your newsletter that range from “set it and forget it” content to content that requires a bit more work but can yield huge results.

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  1. I have to say, I LOVE this ‘Q&A’ format. I love the longer interviews, too, but this is just perfect for summertime. I had no idea what a drip campaign was, so that was really interesting to learn about–and Kat, yours and Jeff Goins have been the only ones I’ve ever signed up for, and I really liked them. Thanks for sharing all your information and knowledge with us!
    Sarah M

  2. Jennifer Dages says

    I love the idea of adding good articles I have read to my monthly newsletter. That idea really had not occurred to me. Thanks. I hope to use it in my July newsletter. Love your blog.

  3. I agree with Jennifer – I also love the idea of adding good articles I have read to my newsletter. This is not a tactic I have read about before, very original idea!

  4. I’ve been trying to figure out what to post in my newsletter that I’ve yet to make. Thanks for all the tips!

  5. Brittany at says

    Great info! I would also add–add extra content that your readers can’t find other places. If you are just putting a summary of what you posted elsewhere, why should people subscribe by email, too? An example: I recently had a giveaway on my blog, and I gave a little teaser in my newsletter before the giveaway went live.

    • Titus2Homemaker says

      Because some people won’t follow everything you write everywhere else; it’s overload. So a newsletter can serve as a less overwhelming overview if that’s how you choose to use it. (Lots of people would rather get emails once a week or once a month than every time we post something!)

  6. Thanks for his
    (I am looking for more podcasts… but it seems as though you are on hiatus?)

    Anyways- quick question (I hope I can get this clear)
    If I already have a bulk of people who have on my mailing list – but want to start up an auto-responder.. so the new subscribers from this point will get the series of posts, but what about my original ones? They won’t get the series….? or should I created two separate responders…?

    I also want to create other content to send out (timely/round ups) – but newbies won’t get these emails after they’ve been sent….. yes?

    I would utimately like to merge the old subscribers with the new.

    If this question wasn’t a pile of gobbled goop, maybe you have a suggestion?


  1. […] What In The World Should I Put In My Email Newsletter –  This is such a good one! I have recently started sending out a newsletter here on HG and I am definitely going to be using her tips going forward! I think my favorite tip of hers was to treat your subscribers like family! […]

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