HTB #31 – The Art and Power of Taking Action – with Laura Smith

Today, I’m talking with blogger and business owner Laura Smith about how we can develop the habit of taking action.

The truth is, most of know have a good idea about WHAT we need to do, we just have a hard time actually doing it. I’ve been incredibly impressed by how she consistently learns and then does. It’s a simple, but powerful tool for any successful blogger.

Listen and learn how she makes things happen!


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  1. Great podcast. I love the 31 days of free printables, Laura, and I found a few that will be useful for me.
    Sarah M

  2. whitneyconard says

    love this!!! i’ve seen her printables on Etsy before and love hearing the story behind her shop.

  3. Thank you Kat & Laura!
    I’ve been inspired to use printables on my site as a freebie for signing up for a mailing list since you first recommended it months ago, but I feel like I’m lacking the know how for creating a great downloadable printable. Can either of you recommend tools for creating and sharing them? I’m especially interested in editable PDFs but I’m on a budget. 🙂 THANK YOU and I can’t wait for your next episode!

  4. Thanks for this episode Kat and Laura. Just wanted to let you know about the action I’ve taken already (still a few more on my list from your great episode!) – I’ve prepared a very simple pdf as a thank you for subscribing.

    I have one question though – I am currently on a WordPress site that is not self hosted. I don’t think there is any way to get the pdf sent out automatically. Is that right?

    I tried setting up on MailChimp but their plug in is only possible to a self-hosted WordPress from what I can see. I’d love to hear of any alternatives to MailChimp that would work on my current platform!

    In the meantime I have simply promised to email the pdf as an attachment within 48 hours. Do you think that’s ok, and do you have any other suggestions?

    Many thanks for all your advice and giveaways. I’ve just started blogging and immediately subscribed to howtheyblog, I’ve followed Inspired to Action for years and it’s had such a great impact on my faith journey – thank you!

    • ExpectantlyListening,
      Mailchimp also provides hosted emails signup pages. I would recommend that you simply make a sign up graphic that links to their signup page and then the pdf can still be automatically delivered without all the hassle for you.

      I hope that helps!

  5. Brittany at says

    Great podcast! I think this one is actually my favorite so far!

    I am great at making schedules and to-do lists everyday and it really helps me focus. My problem, though, is that I put SO many things on my to-do lists (I write down EVERYTHING so I don’t forget anything) that I never get everything done. I’m okay with that, except for the fact that all too often I am really good at getting the lesser important tasks done (ie Facebook!) and not really focusing enough on the ones that matter.

    I love your tip about writing down the amount of time that a task will take. Not just to help me stop procrastinating, but also so I can make sure that I only plan as much as I can reasonably accomplish. Tons of other other great tips in here as well. Thanks!

  6. I really like this interview

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