HTB34 How To Turn Any Blog Topic Into A Business – A Chat with Trina Holden

If you’ve ever thought your blog topic was too niche or too general to turn into a business, think again. In this episode of the How They Blog podcast you’ll learn how Trina Holden turned yogurt into a business. Yep, yogurt.

Grab your headphones and join us for a chat!

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  1. Yeah, a new podcast! I liked the recommendation to just start writing until you figure out what you want to write about. I picked three main topics to write about and anticipate narrowing it down from there once I get feedback and see what I like writing about. Thanks!

  2. Brittany at says

    Great podcast, ladies! I’m not surprised that Trina’s blog has been so successful though–we all have to eat, and who wouldn’t like food that is yummy AND healthy? (I definitely would, so count me in as one new follower).

    I think the question for me, though, is how to establish yourself as an authority. For me, I write tips and tricks for being a Godly woman. I don’t feel like I could just say “Look at me–I’m so Godly!” because the second I do… I’m not. Glad to hear I don’t have to be an expert, though, just one step ahead!

  3. Blogging Now A Day !!! Its like crossing a river of boiling water without a boat .Everything has become so difficult due to lots of competition . Even its not easy to get traffic to niche blogs .

  4. Is this podcast no longer available? Can’t find the link. 🙁

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