HTB36 – Strategic Blogging – How Sarah MacKenzie Took Her Blog From Hobby To Pro

Smart. Inspiring. These are two words I’d use to describe Sarah MacKenzie. She took her blog to the next level by understanding her audience and matching up her talents and knowledge with their needs. In this episode we talk about how she did that as well as how and why she started her podcast. The next 30 minutes are packed with great content.

Grab your headphones and join us!

In This Episode You’ll Hear…

  • How to transition your blog to the next level
  • Encouragement to step out of your comfort zone
  • Ideas on how to monetize on your blog

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  1. Kat, just a heads up – the program isn’t playing for me. It’s reading like it’s a blank file.

  2. Amazing episode, Kat and Sarah! I so resonated with this episode because I started a podcast in May of 2014, and it started out as way of recording my own thoughts and sharing them. Little by little my audience began to grow.

    In August, I was approached by a best-selling author who wanted to be my first guest! I had no idea how to do it, but I was determined to learn everything I could. Since then I now schedule guests on my show.

    Taking that step has helped me go to the next level, and not be afraid to reach out to big names in my niche. To my surprise, they have made contact back because we’re all connected and trying to help each other. Coming from that mindset made me to realize there really is abundance and it’s there for all of us if we believe it!

    Thanks again for an inspiring episode. Kat, please keep them coming!

  3. I listened to this while scrubbing floors and I must say it helped pass the time and grime. I enjoyed hearing about her work ethic, the risks she took and the rewards she is seeing! Very accessible. I’d love to hear more about how she created the audio component! That sounds technical and something that would be intimidating, but worthwhile! Love everything you do, Kat. I get giddy when a new podcast appears on my feed!

  4. Are you no longer updating the podcast? It’s been about a month since an episode. I recently found this podcast and am still listening the past episodes. I really enjoy it so I hope this is just a little lull.

  5. I’m so glad I found your podcast! Seriously so inspiring. I’ve been going back through and listening to them when I need to do some cleaning each day. Keep up the good work Kat!

  6. Hi Kat! Are you still doing the How They Blog podcast? It’s awesome. 🙂

  7. I love your podcast, Kat! I’ve been listening while hanging out at home and doing chores. I love how kind and relaxed you are. Sometimes listening to “how to blog” kind of stuff is stressful and makes me feel like I’m being squished into a box I don’t want to be in – but I totally don’t feel that way from your teaching. You leave so much room for creativity and uniqueness, but the wisdom and instruction you offer on how to tackle certain things or think more effectively about this are SO helpful. The episode about determining your target audience has been my favorite so far. I listened to it twice in a row today and will listen more, I’m sure. 🙂

    I hope we’ll get more podcasts from you on this topic in the future! Thanks for all you’ve created!

  8. Interesting stuff I like the idea of including a podcast on the blog it gives readers more options. Thanks for this.


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