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Liz Griffin on Social Media and Writing

Liz is bringing the wisdom today. She shares some great nuggets about social media as it relates to our kids as well as a tweetable piece of blogging wisdom. Read on and learn, my friends!

1. How do you keep social media from running your life? Is it a struggle for you? Any social media management tips?
I could easily spend hours a day on social media. I LOVE it. There have been plenty of times that I have gone back and forth with the idea that it minimizes what happens in “real” life. Ultimately, I think that “real” life is shifting and social media is a big part of it.

I have formed some awesome relationships and learned a ton through social media sites. That being said, I DO NOT want my kids to remember me with my iPhone in front of my face all the time. I only allow myself to be on social media for the first 10 minutes of each hour. The rest of the 50 minutes is all off-line. Any other time I need to spend replying to people, emailing or returning blog comments happens after the kids go down or before they get up.

One thing I have started doing this past year is asking my daughter permission to post photos of her. She is 6 now and is aware that what is put online is for everyone to see. Sometimes she likes that and sometimes she doesn’t.

I want to respect the fact that she may not want her life made public the way I do. Also, I want her to learn that she has a right to her privacy and if she feels vulnerable or exposed…she needs to pull the plug on whatever is happening.

Right now it is innocent IG photos, but when she is older more will be at stake. Our kids will grow up with so much of their lives being online, I think it is good for us to model how to set and respect boundaries.

2. What is your writing process? When do you write? How long does it take you to create a post?
I envy people who have their posts planned out months in advance and write loads of them in one sitting. Must be nice…

I have planned out my posts for a few months ahead, but I always end up writing about something else entirely! I guess my writing just doesn’t work that way. The bummer is, if I don’t have any plan I sit in front of a white screen at a total loss of what to say.

Creating a general writing schedule has worked much better for me. I post on Tuesday, Thursday and the weekend. It just works for me best. Tuesdays are for whatever series I am doing. ( turning 30, travel stories, dealing with fear…) I change up my series every month or so.

Thursday’s posts are left open for whatever I am inspired to write that week. It may be current events, something God has taught me…wherever my heart is at the moment.

Weekend posts are dedicated to sharing something I love. This could be anything from a funny video to fashion advice.

I write each post the night before it is posted. Which apparently stresses some people out, but it helps me to have the pressure!

3. Do you have a blogging mentor or accountability group (formal or informal)? How have you created and fostered those relationships?
Ummm….Kat! She may not be an official mentor ( is there such a thing? ) She has sat down and talked with me about blogging on several occasions and is always full of wisdom. I mean, the woman is a genius. (don’t you dare edit that out Kat)

I have also found other bloggers similar to me that I have built relationships with. How do I do that? Leave comments on their blog, engage them on social media, and ask them to guest post. Now we bounce ideas off each other, email back and forth regularly and have become a genuine community.

4. What is the best blogging advice you’ve received? (OR) What is the best blogging advice you could give?
Best advice I have received?

Kat told me once only to post as often as I can produce good content. It is better to post once a week with good content than 4 times a week with weak content. I’ve found that my readership increases when I spend time focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Best advice I could give?

Filter everything you do online through this question: “Am I bringing value to people?” There is a temptation to build a massive following online through our blogs or social media. It makes it easy to forget why you want to influence people online. Before I post, tweet or ‘gram ( is that a verb yet? ) I ask if it will add value or help the people who see it.

“Filter everything you do online through this question: ‘Am I bringing value to people?'”Click to Tweet!

Will they laugh, learn something, love God more? If not, then there isn’t a reason for me to add to the busyness and noise of their life.

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  1. This may have been my favorite How They Blog series yet! Thanks Liz for sharing. Thanks Kat for discovering such amazing women. I plan on remembering your filter question. It is a good reminder and something I fail at on occasion. Also, learning how to build relationships with other bloggers is something I am trying hard to do. I only have one IRL friend who blogs; so it is important to me to find other women who can teach and encourage me from their experience. Amy

    • Amy, thanks so much for your sweet remarks! I had zero IRL friends when I started blogging either. Keep at it. Over time you will find great people to walk with in the blogging world. Thanks for reading!

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