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Webinar Update
The webinar I’m teaching tomorrow night at the Influence Network is sold out (how fun is that?!), so if you didn’t get a chance to register stay tuned because they will offer a recording of it afterwards.

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Mary DeMuth on Social Media and Writing

Today Mary DeMuth is sharing some great tips and links to help you manage and master social media and writing. Enjoy!

1. How do you keep social media from running your life? Is it a struggle for you? Any social media management tips?
Since I work at my desk all day, it’s really not a problem for me. I incorporate Twitter and facebook into my day. If I’m on deadline, or I have a specific word count goal, I will turn off all that noise and just do my task. I wrote a post about Twitter here. I also created a pin tutorial with pic monkey here. And I talk about the power of small here. When I teach time management for writers, I encourage them to choose one social media platform and become awesome at it. Otherwise, it gets truly stressful trying to manage too many platforms.

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2. What is your writing process? When do you write? How long does it take you to create a post?
It takes me about an hour to write a post, including SEO stuff, pictures, pins, click to tweets, etc. Here’s a post I wrote to commemorate my 2500th post & it gives 25 tips to write a great post.

3. Do you have a blogging mentor or accountability group (formal or informal)? How have you created and fostered those relationships?
No, but I do belong to a marketing mastermind group. Here’s something about that.

4. What is the best blogging advice you have received? (OR) What is the best blogging advice you could give?
The best advice I’d give is write for THEM. Write for the folks who actually read your posts. Think of how you can dazzle, bless, and bring freedom to them.

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Q & A with Mary

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  1. Great post! I’m a recent fan of Mary DeMuth…she has some great insight. Btw, is the “click to tweet” phrase a plug-in you’re using? Blessings, Vita

  2. Love all the links! I will have to read them when kiddos are out of the house tonight for Awana. :p

  3. I’m so happy that there will be a recording of your class tonight Kat..thank you I missed registration! šŸ™

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