Q & A Friday: How To Download a Web Video


Every week on the How They Blog Twitter and Facebook accounts, I’ll be asking for your web/blogging questions and then create a post or video tutorial to help you.

This week’s Q comes from Emily Freeman. She asked how to download videos from YouTube.

I’ve had to do this before for Keynote presentations and it can be a huge hassle to figure out. I’ve downloaded apps that no longer work and solutions that become archaic with the fast changing web. (Obviously, only use the following method on videos you are legally allowed to use.)

My solution today is simple, but note that it is Mac only. I’ll list the Windows app that is comparable, but please know that I have not personally tested it since I don’t have access to a PC.

There are also some apps (like MacTubes) that are supposedly one click solutions, but I’ve found they rarely work when I need them to. What I like about this solution is that it will work no matter what kind of video it is or how it is encoded or played back.

So here we go…

Tools Needed

Quicktime (Comes preinstalled on Macs. Click here for the Windows version.)
Soundflower (Mac)
Jack Audio (PC)


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Questions? Suggestions?

Do you know of an easier way? Do you have a question for a future Q & A? Share it in the comments!

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  1. I use a free program called Free Studio from DVDVideoSoft on my Windows computer. It will install spamware if you are not paying attention during the installation process, but otherwise it’s a great suite of useful tools – you can download YouTube videos, convert them to other file formats, upload videos to YouTube, burn CDs and DVDs, make MP3 files from your audio CDs, and do so much more. Really a very useful media managing program.

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