Ruth Schwenk: Blogging Gadget and App Recommendations

Ruth Schwenk Gadget and App Recommendations

Today, Ruth is sharing her favorite gadgets and apps. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog next week, there are some big changes and exciting new things on the horizon!

1. What computer do you use?
MacBook Pro

2. What computer do you use?
iPhone 5

3. Do you use a tablet? If so, what model?
iPhone 5 to play music and read the blogs I follow on bloglovin’

4. What blog platform do you use?

5. If applicable, what blog theme/child theme do you use? (Genesis, Thesis, WooThemes etc.) Or feel free to use this space to give a shout out to your designer.

6. What web hosting company do you use?
Bluehost – LOVE them!

7. What app do you use to write your posts?
????? apparently I am missing out because I have no idea what you are talking about!!!

8. How do you capture your blog ideas?
In my brain where they sometimes get lost, never to be retrieved! ha! If it is handy, I typically write them in a notebook and then later write more in Word.

9. What are your most useful computer/web apps?
Hmmmm… not sure on this one

10. What are your most useful phone/tablet apps?
I LOVE Bloglovin’ to follow all of my favorite blogs (otherwise I would never read them), Spotify, Instagram, Rhonna Designs for photos

11. What other tech do you use? (Camera for photos, mic for podcasting…etc.)
I mostly use my iPhone 5 for photos and my MacBook Pro for Videos

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