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On top of juggling the management of several different blogs, Stacey has also written a couple ebooks. In fact, her most recent one launched yesterday! It’s called “Being Ok With Where You Are” and you can learn all about it here.

So, you might be wondering, what is in the toolbox of a woman who juggles books, blogs, family and everything else in life? You’re in luck! Today is gadget and app day (my favorite day of the week) and Stacey is sharing all her techy goodness with you. Enjoy!

Stacey Thacker’s Blogging Gadget and App Recommendations

1. What computer do you use? (i.e. MacBook Air)
MacBook Pro

2. What kind of phone do you have? (i.e.Samsung Galaxy III)
I recently switched to Nexus 4 by Google. Loving it.

3. Do you use a tablet? If so, what model? (i.e. iPad 4)
I have an original iPad – I use it mostly for reading.

4. What blog platform do you use? (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc)
WordPress – but I started on Blogger

5. If applicable, what blog theme/child theme do you use? (Genesis, Thesis, WooThemes etc.) Or feel free to use this space to give a shout out to your designer.
Pixel Happy Child Theme (Genesis) but on Mothers of Daughters I switched to Brennius (Lion) which I also love.

6. What web hosting company do you use? Do you recommend them?
MASVmedia owned by my husband.

7. What app do you use to write your posts?
I write straight to WordPress, usually. I’m risky that way.

8. How do you capture your blog ideas? (Notebook, Evernote, Word, Sticky notes etc.)
I use Evernote and Voice Memo on my phone.

9. What are your most useful computer/web apps?
Are these apps? I use them tons:
Evernote,, Blue Letter Bible, Hootsuite, Buffer, Keynote.


10. What are your most useful phone/tablet apps?
Google Play, Voxer, Evernote, ESV Bible, Echophone (for Twitter), Facebook, Pinterest, Facebook Pages, My Fitness Pal (on a good day), Google+.

11. What other tech do you use? (Camera for photos, mic for podcasting…etc.)
Fujifilm X10 – camera

Come back Friday, when Stacey shares her wisdom on social media and writing. Stay tuned!

Q & A with Stacey Thacker

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  1. I truly must confess that any and all techy goodness I use or own is because I am married to a tech genius. His love language is technology, and he loves me well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Stacey at dotMom last year..she is a sweetie ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi Stacey!!


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    Stacey Thacker: Gadget and App Recommedations

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