The First Question Every Blogger Must Ask Themselves

Next week, we will get back to our interviews, but I thought I’d finish this week out with a couple core concepts to blog growth.

A Mind Blowing Fact

Did you know that humans now create more information in 2 days than we did from the dawn of civilization through 2003. (according to Google’s Eric Schmidt)


That is an insane fact. We are literally drowning in information. We have at our fingertips the answers to everything we could ever want to know or do.

If you want to grow your audience, you need to know that they don’t need knowledge. What your readers and potential readers need is leadership.

They are literally standing in front of a firehose drowning in pinnables, tutorials, and infographics, yet their throats are still dry and parched because it’s all coming at them so fast that they can’t take it in.

photo credit

photo credit

How can you help? You don’t need to have all the answers. You just need to be brave and step in front of that firehose with a water bottle to fight the flow and turn it into something useful that you can hand to your readers with every single post.

Will it take hard work? Yes.

Will it take planning and purpose? Yes.

Will it take self discipline? Yes.

Is it worth it? A thousand times yes.
(Ok. I’ll give one free Blog Planning Kit to the first person who can name the movie I’m quoting with that last sentence.)

You are a leader. Whether you write a cooking blog, a lifestyle blog, a faith blog, a mom blog, a tech blog, a community blog or a family blog, it’s your job to take readers from where they are to where they hope they’ll be after they finish reading your post.

Maybe you’ll lead them to laughter. Maybe you’ll lead them to a fabulous dinner. Maybe you’ll lead them to a more peaceful home. Maybe you’ll lead them to friendship with others reading the same words. Maybe you’ll lead them to fitness. Maybe you’ll lead them a simpler lifestyle.

Your readers read every post with an expectation, an unspoken goal. We as writers should write with one as well.

The Question

If a blogger is a leader, where am I taking my readers?

Where are you going with your blog overall? Where are you going with each post you write? Where are you going with your tweets, pins and Instagrams?

The clearer you are about your direction, the easier it will be for others to follow. <--Click to Tweet!

Introduce Yourself and Discuss

Let’s take a minute today to introduce ourselves. Tell us:
1. Your name
2. Your blog
3. Why you blog and where you hope to take your readers

Click here to introduce yourself and join the discussion.

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  1. Is it, Pride and Prejudice? (The line) and thank you for this awesome post, Kat!! I am so grateful for how you inspire!

  2. My name is Sarah Knepper and I blog at The Redemption Diary:

    I blog because I believe I can help other women understand their lives do not have to be lived alone. I have experienced many crushing events in my life and God has held my hand and brought me to a place of hope and peace.

    I hope to take my readers through my experiences and help them know I stumbled and have gotten back up, brushed myself off, and continue to go to God for everything. Did I mention “stumble”? This has happened a lot. I cringe when I think of some decisions I’ve made but the beautiful part is that God did not cringe. He knew what I was going to do and loved me anyways.

    Thank you Kat for all of these amazing resources, you are a wonderful leader!

  3. My name is Kristine Adams. My blog is Crooked with a Ruler at My goal is to offer encouragement and give examples of how faith can help in every day life not just in times of crisis. I also like to throw in fun youtube videos and occasional crafty tips for light hearted days.

  4. This was so helpful! Thank you. I am Beth Lombardi. My website is I want my readers to leave my page with momentum to overcome obstacles and grace for the times they have fallen. Not sure I can make it happen, but I’m still optimistic.

  5. Hi Kat, what a great question to ask ourselves, and one I’ve never heard despite the flood of information out there about blogging! Thank you.

    My name is Jacey and I blog at I write to shine a light on the challenges and joys of young marriage. My goal is to write what other women are feeling, and to let them know they’re not alone. I also hope my mistakes and learning processes will help others build lasting, fruitful marriages.

  6. Hi, there!
    I’m Melissa
    I write (and photograph!) at
    I blog about grace and beauty in the every day mess and also about photography with a free beginner photography class and my own work as a professional. It sounds a bit schizophrenic (and maybe it is), but I’m trying to obey a call to live one-piece and joined my two separate blogs personal/business about 8 months ago. Still trying to figure out what that looks like. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Kat, this post provides some useful fodder for reflection – thank you! I am still exploring the goal and purpose of my relatively nascent blog. For me, it serves as a motivation to create and to practice the writing process. For my readers, I hope to provide a bit of solidarity, as I discuss my life as a mother, a wife, a teacher, and a (soon-to-be) student. My blog is entitled And Several Drafts Later…, as I reflect on the steps/revisions that are moving me towards a better version of myself in the various areas of my life.

  8. My name is Tammi Davis and I blog at I blog as a creative outlet. I love cooking, photography, gardening and books so all of this gets hightlighted at my sight. It has been an amazing experience to communicate with other bloggers on their journey.

  9. I love this! I’m Andee. My blog is and I hope to inspire others to step out of comfort zones and serve in their communities. In addition to volunteer ideas, I share what struggles and successes I have trying to live embodying the nature of a servant.
    Bookmarking this page so I can read the commenters blogs!

  10. Regina Hollins says

    Hi Kat,

    Is the line you quoted from the movie – Pride & Prejudice? Thanks and I look forward to learning more from you.

  11. Hey everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m Crystal and I write at I write to encourage women and build community – I want my blog to be a place where readers feel like they can kick up their feet, find a friend over a cup of virtual coffee, and be inspired to connect, chase dreams, and feel encouraged.

  12. My name is Jo Lynn and I blog at The Sweet and The Salty (

    I blog about my faith, special needs parenting, how the two intersect, and a little about streamlining and simplifying and time management ideas.

    I hope to take my readers along with me as I learn some life lessons while raising my son with a rare chromosomal syndrome.

  13. Hey there! My name is Meagan and I’ve been blogging at for about five and a half years. Hard to believe it’s been that long!

    When I started blogging it was your typical “keep the grandparents up-to-date” blog. It’s still kind of that, but mostly now I blog out of obedience to God’s call for me to live a life of transparency. This is not easy for me and I go through times of very irregular blogging because of fear. I’m slowly but surely stepping out of my comfort zone, one little baby step at a time.

    I hope my readers see my openness and honesty about life and struggles. I want to provide a place where people can feel safe to share their hearts. A place where grace abounds and hearts are encouraged.

    Kat, your blog planning kit could not have come at a better time as I work through a lot of these things. I think after five years I’m finally ready to take some big girl steps! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Always so thankful for your encouragement!

    • Meagan,
      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the kit, my Texas friend! Are you coming to the Declare Conference, by any chance?

      • Unfortunately, no. We will be on our last summer getaway that weekend. It sounds like a great conference, though. Maybe next year?

  14. Hi, I’m Rebekah and I blog at Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet ( I’m enjoying this site so much, and it’s really helping me to draw some important lines and make some important decisions about my blog.

    When I first started writing a couple of years ago, it was just an online place to gather my writing – some essays, some Toastmaster speeches, some poetry. Then last fall, I started discovering some specific online communities that began to make me focus my writing on some of the lessons that God had taught me during a three year period that I’ve come to call my Desert Journey.

    I would like people who read my blog to feel encouraged in the dark times of their life: when they’re struggling with health issues, when they’re out of work; when parenting seems overwhelming; when it just seems like there’s no hope – I’d like to be able to take my experiences and encourage them that there is more; that God is faithful; and that they can come through these times – and find joy even in the midst of them. And I think I’m still refining this – especially after reading your post today. I guess I’d ask you and the other reader/writers – does this feel too broad?

    Loved the quote from Pride and Prejudice – just love that movie. Thank you for all you do here!

    • Rebekah,
      I don’t think it’s too broad as far as content you’ll cover on your blog, but I might recommend a super specific “focus” answer that is the very center target of your audience. Perhaps those struggling with health issues OR overwhelmed parents OR those going through dark seasons OR perhaps those going through all three?

      Targeting just one area doesn’t mean that you can’t address the other areas on your blog, it just means that you’re making sure that all your content relates to the target (even though it may relate to the other areas as well.)

      And, honestly, this might be more of a journey than a momentary decision. It’s okay to change your target and adjust things as you go along.

      The idea is that when you have the Target, if that person stops by your blog, your posts, design, about page and sidebar all come together to make that person think “this is JUST what I’ve been looking for!”

      I hope that helps!

  15. I love the awesome tips you give here, especially today’s! I don’t think I’ve actually thought of where I hope to take my readers and based on that I don’t think I’ve been taking them anywhere, lol.

    My name is Michelle and I blog over at My hope is to lead women to always seek God’s Kingdom 1st in all they do, whether it’s in the day to day of cleaning and caring for children or working outside the home. In all circumstances to seek Him first in all you do…that is my ultimate desire to share with my readers.

    Thanks for creating such a helpful site and I love the blog planning kit! It’s fabulous!!!

  16. Sarah (theGIRL) says

    Hi, I’m Sarah and I blog at GREAT questions to ponder, Kat. Usually I run the other way when these strategic bloggy conversations take place, but today I decided to see it through…

    I blog because I like to. I tried to dig deep and come up with a better answer, but I think it’s really that simple. Maybe that will change, but for now that’s where I am.

    I’d suppose if I’m taking my readers anywhere, I’d like it to be to a place where they begin to see life as a gift to be enjoyed and to be lived in such a way that their life becomes a gift to others.

    Hmmm…I may need some help here. Any blog mentors want to help a sister out ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sarah,
      I’m glad you decided to think through why you blog and where your taking your readers. It’s hard work to think through that sort of thing, but I’m confident that in the end it will make blogging that much more rewarding for you!

  17. I’m Victoria and I blog at Creative Home Keeper,
    I blog for a lot of different reasons, one being a creative outlet for me as I love to write. I hope that my blog can serve some encouragement to women who are seeking to fill their God given roles as keeper of their homes. I share personal, as well as share some practical tips and recipes to help aid in your home keeping skills.
    Thanks Kat for all of your encouragement, and I’m loving your blog planning kit too!

  18. I blog at and The Entwife’s Journal – I am a health blogger and I blog both to continue learning and to help my readers in their own journey towards better health.

  19. My name is Amy Brady and I recently updated an old blog and gave it a new face, new name and new purpose. It’s called A Journey Not My Own-My Life. His Story. Our Journey.
    I really hope to encourage women, no matter where they are in life, to allow God to write the story of their lives. I have come to realize that my life is a journey, but its not my own, its His. It’s about Him using my life, together with His story, to create one incredible journey.
    Many are the plans in a woman’s heart, oh how I know! But is indeed God Who directs our steps and when He does that our life can be that bestseller novel we can’t seem to put down. Not an easy read, not a sensationalist read, but a story with failures that weave themselves into victory, or losses that ultimately bring gain, and even love stories that seem to come out of nowhere. I look at my life now and know I could have never created my here and now on my own. I would’ve chosen the well worn path and missed the incredible sights and scenes of the misty lowlands, the highest peaks and the most beautiful valleys of my life.
    I want to encourage other women to just trust God. Trust Him with all of it. The husband, the children (especially!), the responsibilities, the service, the dreams….oh the dreams. I’m new at this type of blogging so I don’t know yet if I’m reaching women the way I desire, but I’m very willing to learn and grow and look forward to this being another part of my journey with HIm.

    {Oh, not the first to reply, but I’m almost positive that line is from my beloved Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane and she says yes!…am I right}}

  20. Hi! I’m Elizabeth Smillie and I blog at {
    Why? Partly to share the beauty I’ve found, the creations I’ve made and partly to promote our business.
    And where am I taking my readers? Some place where they feel more equipped to run with their ideas and make them real, a place where they are seeing the beauty around them just a little clearer – that is, that’s where I hope they’re going with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I’m kris camealy and I blog at . I write about the Christian journey and the process of growing deeper in Christ, and dying to self. I try to encourage my readers to make the hard decisions and embrace living surrendered to Christ.

  22. Wow. You’re right. Never thought of it that way.

    I’m Brenda Prentice. I blog at Recovered Identity. (

    I blog in an effort to sort out my thoughts on finding my true self behind all the labels. It is my goal to help other women to do the same.

    It’s a new blog. I have a lot of work to do. A lot of planning. (I look forward to all the help your blogging kit is giving/will give.)

  23. My name is Holly and I blog at Belle Mere is French for beautiful mom and also step-mom. I started the blog earlier this year to follow a God-sized dream and put my self out there more. I am now pondering some bigger questions – like why am I doing this and how can I be more successful. The blog kit is such a welcome gift. I plan to devote time this weekend to answering those questions.

  24. My name is Danielle and I blog at I began blogging to document our adoption journey and continued because I enjoyed encouraging others through writing. I hope to take readers to the gospel. I hope that they see the power of God to transform and work in an ordinary life such as mine. I pray that he would use my blog to help others see their need for him, and to encourage believers to continue in their pursuit of him. For me, this means a little glimpse into our every day lives and thoughts!

  25. Kat, I’m enjoying putting the blog planner to use.

    I’m Lindsay, and I blog at

    The tagline of my blog is “encouraging families to live simply and love greatly”.
    It’s my desire for my family to use what we’ve been given to love others and serve the community and world around us. I pray that my blog will encourage others as I share our journey, my heart, and ideas as we pursue this.

    Thanks for creating this community!

    • Lindsay,
      Excellent, succinct tagline! (and stay tuned to your email in the next couple days, there is a fun update for all blog planning kit owners!)

  26. I’m Keri Misawa, blogging at Caught by the Tale. I write about looking ahead to the end of the Tale we’re in, to the Prince we can’t see, but is so near.

  27. My name is Liane, and I blog because I am passionate about decreasing the number of toxins we are exposed to from beauty products. I have spent a lot of time learning what ingredients are harmful (and why!), and found lots of products with safer ingredients. I want to share what I have learned with others!

    I hope to educate people on the toxic ingredients in most beauty products, and make it easy to find and purchase safer products that are free of toxic ingredient.

    … and, hoping to stand out in the fire hose of information (mindboggling statistic, wow!)

  28. i’m hill and my blog is:

    i blog because i realized that i was letting life get away from me. i was just trying to get through each day. and now iโ€™m determined to not let those little mundane moments slip by.
    the ones that distract you from whatever it was that you were on your way to do. the minute simple moments. moments to cherish for a lifetime…

    my youngest child has special needs (chromosomal and brain abnormalities) and i want to give other struggling moms out there hope in Christ.

    i want everything i do and say and write to point to Jesus.

    • Hi Ladies!
      My name is Lisa Harlow and I recently began my blog
      We are an Army family and after 4 deployments and 4 moves I wanted to create a space for other military wives to gather, get encouragement and connect.
      I’m loving your Blog Planning Kit, thanks Kat:)

      • Lisa,
        That’s wonderful that you are serving other military wives through your blog. A big thanks to your husband and your family for all you do!

  29. Hi! I’m Jennifer. I write about kids’ music at Swing Whistle Zing I want to help parents and caregivers (both new and experienced) navigate the world of kids’ music. In a way that presents a little something for everyone and helps families integrate the art of music into their daily lives.

  30. Such a great reminder. I’m definitely going to ask myself these questions as I sit down and write out my posts from here on out.

    As for the introduction:

    My name is Alana and I blog at Sparrow + Grace {http://www.domesticblissdiaries} where I strive to encourage and equip women to lead lives of grace-filled intention; to embrace progress, not perfection; and to live in the moment, enjoying each season {both literal and metaphorical} as they come. With each post, I pray that my readers are inspired, encouraged, and challenged. I hope to do all of this by sharing my own journey… not writing from a place of already knowing all the things; rather, I try to write from a place of humility and authenticity: sharing the struggles just as much as the victories.

  31. I started my blog ( because I wanted to show homeschoolers (& any one else who teaches kids!) that working with your hands is a fabulous way to connect with your heart, expand your mind & train your hands. The possibilities are infinite when you make things!

  32. Hey everyone! I’m Resealia. First, Kat I absolutely love what you’re doing here! As a brand new blogger (with some practice posts and not yet finished pages) this blog has been my go to for information.
    I am beginning to blog at I titled my blog The Heart Spa because I am passionate about women guarding their hearts. I’ve been through some downright hard things and as a result, I always have to do heart checks. The temptation comes easy to compare, to envy, to blame, to feel forgotten, to be mad at God and the list goes on and on.
    I want women to know God knows their story. He allowed it. He’s using it to refine, to strengthen and to perfect them. I will write about my faith, my story, encouragement and some other things I love about being a woman.
    Great community here!

    • Resealia,
      Thank you for that encouragement. It’s lovely to hear you’re enjoying the blog and that it’s helping you on your blogging journey! Welcome to the community!

  33. Kat – I absolutely love this post. SO TRUE! Leadership – it keeps us moving FORWARD, and that is what we want! I have a website called Meaning in a Minute, that leads people toward making time in their day for fun/meaningful connection.
    Thanks for sharing today Kat – we are led by your example!

  34. Kat, thank you for asking the question! I’m not sure exactly how to answer so I think I have some thinking to do….let’s see….

    My name is Beth Pittman. I’ve just started blogging again after a three year absence at My intention with my blog is to spread the good news of God’s love with women of all ages. I’m a mother and grandmother. I know that life is hard but that God is SO very good and I want to share that. I also want to encourage myself and others to leave behind the stereotypes of what a “good” Christian is so that we can all reach a new generation who is watching every move we make, seeing all the while that many times our words and actions are in direct contradiction to the message of Jesus, which is simply love, grace and forgiveness.

    I think the quote is from my favorite movie in the whole world, “Pride & Prejudice”! Jane’s answer to Mr. Bingsley. Oh my!! Love it!

    Thanks again!

  35. Hi Kat, this is a question I never thought to ask and I’m so grateful you have challenged me this way. I’m Vernette Superville and I blog over at

    I started blogging because I wanted to share my light and love and passion with even if it were just one person. A year later, I still I don’t have it all figured out yet…I stumbled upon this wonderful site through Crystal’s blog and God is so good to me…I’ve begun to found some direction.

    Thank you to you both.

  36. What an awesome collection of blogs there are here! I’m Chelsea and I blog at http://www.momentsaday sharing activities, ideas, and resources for families to connect and build character. I like to put a meaningful, purpose-oriented spin on other Pinterest-type activities/books/family traditions, and share what I have learned about parenting and living wholeheartedly. I’m looking forward to using Kat’s kit to help!

  37. I should probably introduce myself with, “Hi, I’m Angela and I’m intimidated.” LOL I’m a little bitty blogger who outgrew her fill-the-grandparents-in-on-what-the-kids-are-doing writing and started a lifestyle blog this year. You can find me at I so appreciate the tips to just be me and fill my unique spot online by doing just that. I write to encourage others to live in relationship with our Lord as an intimate Friend, and to look for His work in our lives in all things, the good and difficult. Honestly, with homeschooling my two girls (and trying not to pull my hair out while teaching my youngest to read!), I don’t have grandiose plans for my blog at this stage in my life. I do hope to grow it little by little with the intention of one day making it a bigger priority. God is always welcome to change that, though, if His timetable happens to be different than mine, so I got the Blog Planning Kit just in case. =)

    • I’m intimidated here too. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just stopped by your blog and really enjoyed it. Keep it up! Xoxo

    • Hi Angela,
      Well, I hope you’ll soon feel more welcome than intimidated here! We are all just on a journey and my hope is that this will be a place where we can all learn from and encourage one another.

      It’s very wise of you to recognize your season (and that this may be a challenging time to focus on the blog) yet plan for the future.

      Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  38. I’m Haley Stewart and I write about Catholic women’s issues, motherhood, liturgical living, urban homesteading, and literature at

    I blog to share about what growing a Catholic family looks likes and to encourage my readers to see the sacred in the mundane and to view their vocation (be it marriage, motherhood, etc) as deeply spiritual work. I love to answer questions about faith and reflect on how we live out our faith daily. I also love the wonderful connections I get to make with my readers and other bloggers and the community of encouragement in the blogosphere. My readers inspire me far more than I inspire them.

  39. Hi there. You can call me Elle and my oh is being stepmom. I blog because I want to share my experiences of being a stepmom and help to inspire other stepmoms who might think they are all alone. I love being a (step)mom and have spent time trying to find resources that didn’t depict being stepmom as a.negative thing.
    Kat, I love your blog here and inspired to action. Thank YOU for being such an inspiration. Xoxo

  40. Hi all, my name is Megan Spires and I blog at

    At first it started out as just a little place I could share updates about our four boys and our homeschooling adventure. But, about two years ago, God began challenging me to step out and really write what was on my heart. I had read countless stories from other women who wrote the most honest heartfelt words I had ever read….stories that deepened my faith, challenged me to allow Jesus in and stretch me in all directions.

    Now my blog is a place where I encourage moms to live a life fully surrendered and devoted to Jesus right in the middle of where they’re at. I can only do this with God’s strength and wisdom. So, I write the stories He lays upon my heart and offer a place where other moms hopefully find HOPE that is Jesus and the Truth about how much they are loved. I know how small we can all feel at times, but God can be so BIG in us and has plans to work in and through us if we’ll surrender, lay it all down and say YES to Him and whatever He’s calling us to.

    That’s it. That’s me and my blog. LOVE your site Kat and the interviews with so many amazing women each week.

    PS. Just bought your kit this week and LOVE IT!!!!!

    • Megan,
      I’m so glad you’re loving it! Stay tuned to your email. I’m releasing a cool update in the next couple of days to everyone who has the kit!

  41. Love reading through some of these comments and reading about why we blog!

    My name is Joyce. Our blog is Keeping Up With the Moys. I (and sometimes my hubby) blog about our daily family adventures. I don’t believe that we need to leave our communities to experience great adventures. Yes, there is a lot out there in the world, but if funds and time is limited, there are big adventures waiting out in your own neighborhoods. I’m trying to seek these things out and share them with our friends and family. I hope to inspire families to make great memories with activities they can do near and far.

  42. Hi! My name is Kate Kopp. My blog, Peace of Mind ( is my outlet and release. I love to write and, while my following is small, I continue on, hoping my words help, heal, educate or just entertain those who check in.
    Thanks for all your words of advice and encouragement Kat!

  43. Hi! I’m Cheri and I blog at

    Amazing post, Kat! It really has me thinking. I blog because I love the outlet and the community. I hope to encourage moms in this messy journey of motherhood. I want moms to know they are not alone and they are not invisible. I don’t have all the answers as I’m right there in the mess too, but I try to find the sacred in the ordinary and mundane.

  44. My name is Julie Wilson and I blog at Whimsical Words (

    I blog to connect with others and encourage those God puts in my path by sharing about my life. There is a little bit of everything… Writing, crafting, cooking, creating… just being open to what God is teaching me.

  45. My name is Victoria and I blog at I am still very much in the baby phases of my blog (and am getting My Weekly Blog Planner Today!) but I hope that my readers feel they’ve been on a journey. Whether a long, epic journey or a very daily, ordinary journey. I think when we take a bit of time to ramble along, not just zip from Point A to Point B, we can learn so much about ourselves, about the world, and about our great God in the process.

    (And LOVE the Pride & Prejudice quote! I always hoped I would be as whimsical as Jane when someone asked me to marry them, but I completely lost myself when my husband did ask that all I could eek out was a mere “Okay!” Cest’ la vie.)

    • Victoria,
      I’m sure to your husband’s ears it sounded lovelier than anything Jane Austen could have dreamed up. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. My name is Sarah and I blog at I’ve had my blog for almost 2.5 years. For the first 2 years it was to keep my family up to date with our new life in a far away state. About 8 months ago, I felt the tug to write to encourage & challenge women in their walks with Jesus. I’m also blogging through my emotions of adopting internationally in hopes that others would begin to have a heart for orphans as well. I’m still feeling a little lost in how I want my blog to grow, but I know that it takes time & effort to make that plan. I’m hoping that using the blog planning kit & taking Jeff Goins’ tribe writers class helps me get out of my writing/blogging funk.

  47. My name is Ellie and my blog is called Choosing Peace:

    My blog is a lifestyle blog documenting my navigation of marriage, college life, and faith. Some posts are fun and silly, and some posts reveal my heart in hopes that other women can relate and know they’re not alone. My constant prayer is that God will be glorified through my blog and that He will bless this space where I am fostering a community of women of faith!

  48. Kat, you provide us with such simple and beautiful advice. Thank you! My name is Missy and I blog at I want my readers to laugh. And, I want them to see that there is joy to be had amidst the mishaps of daily life and the grace that’s lavished despite them.

  49. Hi everybody, my name is Robin and I just started blogging in April. My blog /website www. , is written for the childbirth coach who either is too far from Mom, (military, work) to take childbirth classes or just needs a refresher class. I’ve taught childbirth classes for almost 20 years at a large teaching hospital and so many Moms seem to come to classes alone or with somebody who is not going to be their main coach. I’m in the process right now of having my blog redesigned, including a new header, which I’m very excited about!

  50. I’m Kristin Taylor and I blog at 152 Insights to My Soul at I blog to document life and seek God as the author of every story. I hope my readers are encouraged to see God working in the everyday life I share.

  51. I’m Angela, and my blog is Waves of Grace, at I blog for a couple of reasons. I love to write, I love Jesus, and I love to call attention to beauty. That’s a lot of love! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am still trying to answer the important questions like who am I talking to specifically? But just starting this blog has been such a learning experience, and I’m enjoying it. Thanks for this Kat…I love the planning kit so much!

  52. Hi! Sorry to be a little late joining the discussion. My name is Rosann Cunningham and I blog at where I share the heart of my journey through motherhood, marriage, life and faith — striving to make today better than yesterday was, because I’m broken and sinful, but have a huge heart for God and the role of mother, wife and ministry leader He has gifted to me. It’s my desire to build community with, encourage and inspire my readers.

    I have another ministry I sort of stumbled into and God continues to blow my mind in how He’s growing it. It all started with a book I wrote and self published called UnEmployed Faith: Clothing Yourself in Strength and Perseverance Through His Season of Unemployment. The purpose? To share 10 ways to cope (in a healthy and productive way) when your husband is unemployed.

    The recession hit my family really hard with both my husband and I being laid off from our financial services jobs around the same time. It was hard on our marriage and I felt very alone in my feelings (as I didn’t want to bring my husband down further by talking about how freaked out I was over our situation). After writing the book, I discovered I wasn’t alone at all. With 40 million Americans out of work (at the time), there were a lot of wives out there feeling the same unhealthy emotions and marriages were falling apart over it. So I started a private Facebook support group where these women can come together in prayer and fellowship to encourage one another. This way there’s a healthy (and safe) outlet to release those thoughts so the wife can face her husband with a smile and confidently encourage him through the most difficult season of his life – unemployment and the low self-worth that comes with that. I also write an encouragement blog specific to unemployment and financial hardship at the book’s website. (listed above)

    The entire reason I write is to glorify God by being an understanding, non-judgmental friend who encourages those who truly need it most during difficult times. Sometimes you just need to know you aren’t alone in your circumstances.

  53. My name is Deanna and my blog is From this Kitchen Table. I just started it last week. I got your Blog Planning Kit and am looking forward to working through it this weekend.

    I started blogging because of how much I enjoyed reading them. I hope to share and make connections with others in the blogging world. I hope to take my readers to a place of balancing living on a budget, semi-natural living, family, and not going crazy. I hope to share stories of what our family is doing, products we love, recipes, books, information and resources, and thoughts on natural living.

    I’m not 100% sure of my blog name – if it fits the topics on my blog or if it sounds too much like a recipe blog. . . but I had already been putting off starting for so long I just had to go for it. If someone has a better idea though. . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  54. Hi, my name is Laura and I blog over at My Thoughts – Uninterrupted:

    I mostly blog about my experiences with parenting. I strive for my blog to be a place moms can come to relate and not feel as though they are the only ones that don’t have it all together. I try to be as transparent as possible and hope to get people laughing with me on my ups and downs of motherhood.

  55. Hi There, my name is Kathy and I blog at

    I blog because its something God has encouraged me to do. I hope to inspire and encourage women to be all God has called them to be, through sharing my personal stories of parenting, marriage, life and faith!

  56. Hi there! Just heard about your blog through the Simple Mom podcast (which has made laundry, dishes, and other mindless chores around the house so much more bearable, btw).
    My name is Kate Spiller & I blog at “Wild Tales of…” ( where I share the adventures and travels that my husband and I take with our now nearly 2 year old son. I highlight the places we explore that are both near and far from our home in Seattle. In addition, we try to share the tips and tricks that we pick up along the way in hopes of helping others.
    I was inspired to start the blog when my son was just a few months old. Many of the other moms in my “circle” were terrified of taking their babies out of the house, and I wanted to somehow inspire them or just show that it was possible & not completely crazy! You don’t have to travel far, or spend a lot of money to take your kids on great adventures.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share & I’m really enjoying your site!

  57. I’m Nancy and I blog at where I encourage women to live out authentic faith in their everyday lives.

    I started blogging about 5 years ago, but launched There Is Grace last fall as a more intentional place for my blogging efforts. I am hoping to help my readers discover that God’s Word and His grace are not just for the “big” times and “tough” times, but for every moment of every day. I want to help them discover that “when authentic faith meets everyday life…There Is Grace.”

  58. My name is Tati
    I blog at

    What a thought provoking questions – Where am I taking my readers?

    I recently started my blog in hopes to pass along the lessons that I’ve learned to my girls, to young women who do not have a friend and needs the encouragement to do things the Godly and natural way.

    Now having thought about your question: “My hope is that with every post I type, that I’m bring my readers closer to Christ Jesus”

  59. Hi! I’m Wendy Maines. I am a working mom and also part time yoga teacher. I blog at

    I blog to create greater peace for myself and others by sharing the lessons Iโ€™m learning through a yoga practice. I hope to inspire readers to elevate/start their own practice and
    live fearlessly in the promise of Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in PERFECT PEACE those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in You.”

    • This post came to me at a very crucial time in my new blogging venture. I honestly can see your authenticity shine through with this post. I agree 1000% that you must be having fun with your blog in order to create content of real value.

      I can actually say that I have answered yes to all three of these questions. I am creating value, I am consumed by numbers (cough, cough) and I am having fun. So with that being said I am going to be spending some time creating my 3 reader profiles so that I can create content that targets these reader types. Oh, and I am going to stop checking my numbers so often.

      Thank you so very much!

  60. Thanks for helping the helpers! What a special rile to b supporting those who are trying to help others. Thanks for refocusing me…my goal is to honestly inspire mamas to mindfulness in their parenting choices…esp related to health. Its so eady to get caught in the craziness of blogging…but thats why im doing any of this. My blog is

  61. Hello, my name is Kelly, the Little Vegan Homemaker

    First off, brilliant post. It’s like a business plan for a blog…a simple question that is sometimes so hard to answer if you are wrapped up in the “I gotta get in another post” mode. Which is right where I am at present. It’s just the beginning for me in the blog world and even though it can be overwhelming to find balance, it’s very exciting. When I stopped to actually THINK about the question and this post….

    Where am I taking my readers?

    Into my home. Into my home for inspiration and creativity. Into my home that is so far from being perfect, no matter how much my perfectionist self tries to make it. It will never be perfect because family life, life in general, is ever-changing. And most importantly, It can be down right exhausting! Blogging is my creative outlet. I want to take my readers through what I love doing while adding in a sprinkling of the challenges I’m going through as a new Mom, wife and aspiring entrepreneur. I hope to attract readers who can relate and inspire me as well.

    Thank you for this awesome resource! Cheers!

  62. Hi There,
    My name is Kathy Strong and I blog at “A Fish out of Water”

    I blog because it is something God has told me to do! My prayer is that my readers would understand its ok to be just who they are! They don’t need to strive to be like someone else. God has created them as unique and I hope I inspire and encourage them to be all God has called them to be!

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