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(Note from Kat: I just want to say a sincere thank you for all your wonderful feedback about the new blog! You all are amazing. Today, is the Gadget and App section of Tsh’s interview. I hope you find some new and ridiculously useful gadgets and apps that help you in your blogging. Feel free to ask Tsh questions in the comments or share some of your own favorites.)

What computer do you use? (i.e. MacBook Air)
MacBook Air

What kind of phone do you have? (i.e.Samsung Galaxy III)
iPhone 4

Do you use a tablet? If so, what model? (i.e. iPad 4)

What blog platform do you use? (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc)

If applicable, what blog theme/child theme do you use? (Genesis, Thesis, WooThemes etc.) Or feel free to use this space to give a shout out to your designer.
Genesis, custom theme designed by Brian Gardner

What web hosting company do you use? Do you recommend them?
I’m with Synthesis, part of the brainchild of Copyblogger and the people with Genesis. I’ve been very happy with them so far, although it’s not cheap. But I need custom support and dedicated servers, so it’s worth the money to me.

What app do you use to write your posts?
Plain ol’ TextEdit on my MacBook. I NEVER write straight in WordPress—way too easy to lose my words.

How do you capture your blog ideas? (Notebook, Evernote, Word, Sticky notes etc.)
A plain ol’ notebook and pen, Evernote, and Tumblr (when I know I’d like to link to something.)

What are your most useful computer/web apps?
I edit my photos in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I use these programs near daily. I use Chrome for the Internet. I record podcasts with Piezo via Skype. I store my book writing in Dropbox. I keep a to-do list through Chrome with Todoist. I listen to music through Spotify. And honestly?That’s about all.

What are your most useful phone/tablet apps?
I take photos with Camera+ and edit them with Snapseed. I access my Dropbox quite a bit with the app, and I access my to-do list with the Todoist app. I listen to Spotify, too. The rest of my apps are mostly for my non-working life.

What other tech do you use? (Camera for photos, mic for podcasting…etc.)
My DSLR camera is a Canon 40D, but I use my iPhone camera an awful lot. My podcasting mic is the Blue Yeti Microphone, but I also use a smaller travel mic when I’m on the road (which is often!).

Q & A with Tsh

Let me know if you have questions! I honestly keep things pretty simple. Click here to ask a question or share your own favorite apps.

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  1. This is so helpful. Love what you are doing here, Kat. And Tsh, thanks for your time and advice!

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it Courtney! It’s so fun for me because it’s a reason to be nosey and learn great things right alongside everyone else.

  2. Tsh – I just signed up for Todoist. Thanks for mentioning it. I love how clean and simple it is. Do you use the premium or just the free version?

    • I’d like to know this, too. The labels that come with the premium version look really handy.

    • Just the free version, but Kyle’s been hounding me for us to upgrade to the paid one, so I think I will. (I’m so cheap…) I honestly love, love, love it. So useful there—and I love that Kyle and I can share our lists via our phones. Since we’re renovating our house, I can add things to the to-do list there, and he’ll immediately see it on his phone.

  3. Thanks Kat and Tsh for the great info!

  4. Thanks, Tsh and Kat!

    I’m loving this blog already 🙂

  5. How did I not know about TextEdit? I’m loving this new blog Kat! What a great idea!

  6. Very helpful! Thanks!

  7. Thanks Tsh and Kat. So interesting to see what tools others use. I just started using Evernote to keep track of my big to do lists and I like it. . .how it syncs across all devices especially.

  8. I’m so behind times! I’m very technologically challenged!

  9. so grateful for this practical insight into blogging! seeing outside our own brains is inspiring! thanks ladies for the time you’ve poured into this!

  10. Love that you’re using a Macbook Air, Tsh.. I do have a question though.. When I was deciding between the Pro and Air {I bought the Pro finally}, the impression we got from the reviews and the Apple sales folks was that Air is not as fast as the Pro and also that the storage is limited.. Is that right? Thought would ask an actual Air user since now want one for my husband:-)

    • Prerna,
      I’m not Tsh, but I also have an Air, so I thought I’d chime in. It ultimately depends on which Air and which Pro were being compared. If you bought the new Retina display Pro with the SSD harddrive, then – yes – the Pro is probably going to be faster because it has the SSD harddrive AND a faster processor.

      But if you bought the regular harddrive non-retina Pro, then it’s likely that an Air would be faster (again, depending on which version – processor, RAM etc. – of each your running).

      The Air has “limited” storage in that it cannot be upgraded. A Pro is large enough and made in such a way that you can swap out the HD in the future, if you want to. But if you buy enough storage to start out with on an Air, you should be fine.

      I edit my podcast, record and edit videos and do all my work on my Air and I haven’t had any speed issues. It works just about as fast as I can think, which may or may not be saying much. 🙂

      I bought my Air (ok. that sounds really funny) from the the Mac store online and got a previous generation refurbished model. I saved quite a bit of money and was able to then get a larger harddrive. It’s been working perfectly!

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Kat! Thank YOU for chiming in and I SO appreciate all the insight you’ve offered.. It seems like that the Air will be a great choice for my husband.. Thank you, thank you! Oh, and sorry about my delayed reply.. Been a bit crazy here:-)


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