Welcome to How They Blog!

I'm so glad you're here!

I’m so glad you’re here!

How can reading stories help you be a better blogger?

I’ll tell you in a minute, but first I just want to say a good old Texas Howdy! My name is Kat Lee and I am incredibly excited that you’re here. I can’t wait to share all of the amazing interviews I have lined up for you.

How they blog is all about…taking you behind the scenes with some of your favorite bloggers and introducing you to new ones. Each week we will feature on blogger as they share their blogging journey, their successes and failures, their best advice and all their favorite gadgets and apps.

This isn’t a how to blog. This is a story blog. Each interview will tell the stories of bloggers who have had various kinds and degrees of success. This isn’t a blog about “big” bloggers. It’s about bloggers who have something to teach and have made an impact in others’ lives.

We can learn so much from other people’s stories. It’s my sincere hope that each post here at How They Blog will inspire you, teach you and help you grow significantly as a blogger.

In addition to the interviews that will be posted each MWF, I’ll be launching a series of blogging classes called Coffee Talk Classes.

The first class will launch in May and is tentatively titled “Time Management for bloggers: Maximum Impact, Minimum Effort”

And when you sign up to get the interviews delivered straight to you inbox, you can also download the FREE weekly blog planner we created just for you.

I hope to see you here often!

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  2. What a great idea this is! I’m not “new” to blogging, as I’ve been doing it since 2009, but I have yet to really sink my teeth in and give it my best. I’m still a little confused about what my niche is and how much time I really want to put into blogging. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. Your approach is really interesting. I like the “story blog” concept. Blotting is (at best) a hobby for me, so the how-to angle wouldn’t draw me strongly but I am all about reading other people’s stories. Excited to follow along.

  4. Hi Kat! Just wanted to say hi. I stumbled across your blog probably through Big Mama (Melanie). As an old blogger (since 2006) but new to WordPress and the bright big world of blogging (since March) your blog is helpful and encouraging to me. I have almost completely caught up and read every post! Anyways, thanks a bunch. Amy

  5. Brenda (Brenners) says

    I am an email subscriber, but I accidently deleted the email with the planner link. Is there a way to get that again?


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