What Happened To How They Blog?

This is a long overdue and inadequate update. For that I offer my sincerest apology.

Quite frankly, I never meant to take such a long hiatus. I’d just taken back the reigns of HelloMornings.org and soon realized that I couldn’t effectively manage the Inspired To Action Podcast, the How They Blog podcast AND manage HelloMornings.

At first it was just a little break. Then, there were talks of bringing on a cohost, then transforming it into a weekly webinar and then several other ideas and all of them were “just around the corner” – except the corner never came. And here I am quite a bit later, updating you without an actual update.

I do still have hopes of reviving the podcast, but it’s well past time for me to say that for right now, it’s on hiatus.

Again, my apologies for not updating you sooner!

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  1. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been! I loved this blog and podcast and hope you are able to revive it soon!

  2. Based on a recommendation from someone in a blogging Facebook group I started listening to all your How They Blog episodes from the beginning during July 4th weekend (2015). It gave me great company while painting the entry and stairwell in my home during that weekend. I love the mix of blogging tips, business information and Christian inspiration. My primary business goal for July is to get the framework of my blog set-up and to post regularly 1-2 times a week. I have an etsy shop and I work full time as well, like you, I am spinning many plates. Thanks again for a wonderful podcast. If you decide not to bring it back, know that you have already blessed and inspired many aspiring bloggers.

  3. Hey Kat, thanks so much for this amazing podcast series. I see you’re on a break now, but I’m hoping it will one day be revived. You are an excellent speaker and funny too. Goodluck with what you are currently busy with. My wife and I run a travel blog and you’ve inspired us to kick it up a notch.

  4. I just recently came across your podcast and it is SO helpful. It’s more helpful than any other podcast I’ve ever listened to, actually! I really hope you get back to podcasting soon! 🙂

  5. Thanks for making an announcement!

  6. Yay! So glad to hear that it is not gone forever! It’s my favorite!

  7. Hi Kat I just wanted to thank you for your podcasts, they are fantastic. I’m a brand new blogger of 3 months and I’m gobbling up everything you say. Your interviews with others are so helpful to a beginner like me.

    Keep up the good work! May our Great God richly bless your time and energy!


  8. Thank you Kat I really enjoy your podcast, it is very inspirational for me. I hope it comes back soon.

  9. I just found your podcast a few days ago and I love it! The very first episode has really helped me gain focus, motivation and got my wheels spinning with ideas on how to be better organized and hopefully more consistent in my writing. I look forward to your upcoming shows. And hey, no judgments here for the hiatus, it happens. I hope all is well and I’ll certainly be tuning in! 🙂

  10. As a newbie your podcasts are super helpful! I hope you bring them back!

  11. I have been listening to your podcast and I’m finding it so helpful! I did wonder why I wasn’t seeing new episodes, but I’ve also been enjoying your other podcast. Thanks for sharing all your insights both about blogging & mootherhood. I do hope you bring the blogging podcast back at some point, if you are able!

  12. Rebecca Hadaway says

    It was a good podcast. Definitely worth bringing back. Perhaps you could batch the interviews on one day and hire out the editing or whatever would make it more manageable.

  13. Have been binge-listening to your podcasts recently and found them so inspiring and helpful. So hoping there is more to come soon!

  14. I’m just now finding this podcast & blog – and I’ve been loving it! Thankfully, I still have a ton of resources to delve into here. It’s quite the treasure trove for a to-be-blogger. I’ve always been fearful of blogging/writing, but have been REALLY drawn to it recently with the recent launch of my new business last fall. I totally understand the necessity to take a step back and balance your priorities. Hopefully, it’s just a hiatus! In the meantime, any chance your Blog Planning Kit will come back online for purchase? (My husband is even considering starting a blog soon and we’d LOVE the guidance!) All the best and thank you for everything you’ve already done! You’ve already given me much more guidance and encouragement then I started with…. and I NEEDED that!

  15. Christine Sakwitz says

    Hey Kat! Got to see you in person at the Dallas Sally Clarkson conference-loved hearing you talk. Have been missing this podcast and will look forward to that corner when it finally shows up!

  16. Virginia Duckworth says

    Your podcast is fantastic!! Please bring it back:)

  17. I discovered the “How they Blog” podcast in May and have now listened to every episode. (You have kept me company as we have been getting our house ready to sell!) Even if you never revive the podcast, I wanted to say that the blessing continued. I was continually inspired in a season that I did not have much time for blogging. When I get some more time, I know that my approach will be better. So thank you for the season that you invested in this blog/podcast. I do think God is saying, “Well done good and faithful servant.”
    P.S. I also do listen to “Inspired to Action,” so thanks for keeping that up. 🙂

  18. Please revive this podcast!! It’s so awesome. You speak clearly and do such a wonderful job interviewing. You ask the right questions. It’s a great balance between information and inspiration!

  19. Just wanted you to know that I still LOVE re-listening to all the episodes! I will be here waiting for you when you revive it 🙂 Those episodes have been instrumental in refocusing my blog and managing my time well. Thank you.

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