Why You Need To Blog Badly…


Today I’m sharing some blogging wisdom via video. I’ve been wanting to do more video but I never liked the lighting, or what I was wearing or the video quality….yada yada yada.

Watch this clip to find out why my first video was recorded in my minivan in the school pick up line while wearing oversized sunglasses:

Take Action: What blogging task do you need to just start? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I’ve got a blog that I’ve been working on for several years, but only recently committed to “just starting” blogging with a purpose. I think the ‘task’ I need is support. I’m looking into ways that I can find other bloggers to come alongside and collaborate. I find that I hold myself best to deadlines and goals in a group. Thanks for the fun video!

    • Victoria,
      That’s a great thing to do. Getting to know and working with other bloggers has been a huge key for me. Glad you enjoyed the video!

    • Hey Victoria, the best thing that happened this year in my blogging life is joining a blogging Facebook group. It is a regional one so there are bloggers that live nearby, so lots of possibilities to meet up, etc. If you know some bloggers who live near you, ask if they know of any blogging groups.

    • Hey Victoria, I’ve also been thinking about this lately… Support is the #1 thing I need. I’ve been searching for groups and forums, but couldn’t find the right place to “fit in”. Maybe we should just start a mastermind group? 🙂

      • Hey Masulinka! I’d love to talk about a Mastermind group 🙂

        And thank you Kat and Joyce & Norm for the advice. I’ve really taken it to heart and been connecting with so many awesome bloggers. Thank you!!!

  2. Nice! I don’t think there are any things I haven’t started yet. Just this week, I finally stopped procrastinating and accomplished all three of my HUGE looming goals I had: monetizing, hosting my first giveaway, and starting a series on the reliability of the Gospel that I am SO excited about, but have been procrastinating with because I wanted it to be *just right.* Now I’m waiting very anxiously and hoping for the best! eek! Thanks for the phrase “fail forward” — it’s going to get me through this! (that, and prayer! lol)

  3. You are so right, I get emails from other moms and they want tips and instructions to start – I am sending them this vlog!! I think I might have to start vlogging once a week to change things up a bit and show my real side! Love it!

  4. Thanks Kat – a timely video. I’m working very hard trying to get things (posts, page) just right. I have set my deadline as I almost ready to jump!

  5. Kat.. this is awesome! Susan from the confident mom passed this on to me b/c not long ago i did a video from My minivan IN the Parent pick up line!!! how funny is that! It was for a Facebook party we were hosting for Young Living oils. what makes this even more timely is that Susan has been encouraging me to share things about my experiences using essential oils on my *little* blog. But i hesitate b/c my blog is little, and needs a lot of work, i want to fix it but i don’t have the time… i have a bunch of excuses! I don’t know where to start with adding the “oil journey” into my blog .. i feel like i need it all set up with fancy click on me buttons (ahem.. i don’t know how to do that!) But maybe i don’t need all that.. maybe i just need to share it. and maybe from the pick up line… bc that’s me! LOL!! if you have Any interest at all in seeing the inside of My minivan.. here’s the link! lol.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaq4RzFeU0E&list=UU1CEvhMLhN2agBTNWi_6sOQ

  6. Some of the best advice I ever received when I started blogging was don’t be afraid to write something bad. And it changed my blog! I had so many posts saved as drafts that I wouldn’t post unless I knew they were perfect, and they never were because I’m not a perfect person or writer. I love this advice! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Best mini-van vlog ever! You rock! The blogging task I need to just start is put down on the calendar a day for planning. I’m always looking for times here and there to blog, but I know if I put it down on my calendar, I will have time and I will actually do it. It worked for our date nights, so here’s hoping… 🙂

    • Joyce,
      Good idea. Early Saturday or Sunday mornings worked well for me when my kids were smaller. Glad you enjoyed the vlog, my friend!

  8. What was this recorded with? I thought the video and sound were just fine!

  9. You are so awesome! I love how you are working to live out what you are teaching us through HTB. Thanks for the encouragement to just go for it. Do something and start moving. I recently did my six month review of the one year goals that I set when I did your blogging boot camp last fall. Most of them are already complete! Thank you for the tools and encouragement and the kick in the pants to make a plan and then act on it. 🙂

    • “I recently did my six month review of the one year goals that I set when I did your blogging boot camp last fall. Most of them are already complete! ”

      That is FANTASTIC Jessica! I’m so proud of you. You didn’t just plan it and think about it, you made it happen. {fistbump}

  10. Alrighty then 🙂 I have been “trying” to get my blog up and running for, like, ever. Soooo, I’m heading out to Dallas where I’m doing a workshop with Pretty Darn Cute Designs (my child theme designer) because I know NOTHING (yes, I’m aware I’m yelling. I think I’ve been pretty self restrained in not yelling till then. Am I in panic mode? Yes! I wanted to go with content etc. so I could learn as much as I could…and I was struck down — no I am NOT exaggerating.Sort of. — by a horrible bug of some kind and was incapacitated for 10 days. Pretty much.) Anyway…I have really been struggeling with a number or things, including things like “I can’t do this”, “Is this what I’m supposed to be doing, LORD?”

    Know what? This little offering of yours was a God send. Thank you! I think it was just what I needed (even though my brain is still not working). And I “heard” a lot more in this than just the surface words. Thank you, again Kat.

    • Debbie,
      I’m so sorry you were sick. That’s always so hard! I’m happy I was able to encourage you a bit with this episode. Now go be awesome! {fistbump}


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