HTB #27 – How Conferences Can Jump Start Your Blog and How To Minimize Conference Costs – with Crystal Stine

Today I’m chatting with my friend Crystal Stine again and this time we are talking all about how powerful Conferences can be for your blog growth.

Conferences are one of my favorite things about blogging. I love meeting friends in real life that I’ve only known online – you create seemingly instant friendships who share your same love for writing and blogging. Today we’re talking about how why we feel conferences are worth it, and how to take advantage of a conference even if you can’t afford to attend!

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HTB #26 – Blogging Breaks and Tools To Help You Balance Blogging and Life – with Crystal Stine

Today, I’m chatting with my good friend Crystal Stine. She is a blogger and community manager at We talk all about why we need to focus as well as why we need to take blogging breaks. We also share some of our favorite tools to help you balance blogging and life.

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HTB #008 – Getting Things Done, To Do Lists and Virtual Assistants – An Interview with Crystal Stine

Today’s episode is packed full of great tips on guest posting, our favorite productivity apps and how a virtual assistant can help you (even if you don’t think you can afford one.)

Grab your headphones and join us!

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Crystal Stine: On Social Media and Writing

I have to say, Crystal is something of a social media rock star, a Twitter party master, and a networking ninja so I’m excited to hear what she has to say today on this topic that tends to overwhelm many of us.

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Crystal Stine: Gadget and App Recommendations

As we’ve seen with Melanie Shankle, Stephanie Langford and Emily Freeman’s interviews, you don’t have to be incredibly techie to be a full time blogger or best selling writer. But you may think, “Sure, they don’t need to know the latest and greatest in tech because they’re already successful.” There is this idea floating around that blogging has gotten so competitive that if you’re not up with the latest tech, you’re a lost cause.

I’m happy to report that today’s interview proves that idea wrong. Crystal is making a deep impact in the blogging community (as is obvious from the number of comments her last post here got!). And yet Crystal keeps things pretty simple when it comes to tech.

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How They Blog: Crystal Stine

A New Kind of Interview

I hope the last few months of interviews have inspired you. I know I’ve learned so much from reading how Tsh, Melanie, Mandi and the rest blog. There is so much value in seeing how full time bloggers and best selling writers do things.

But I also know that at times there can be a disconnect. We can read all these success stories and think, “Well, I’ve never written a New York Times bestseller…” or “I don’t earn coffee money, much less a full time income from my blog.”

So, every 6-8 weeks, I’ll be featuring an everyday blogger. Someone who doesn’t blog full time, maybe hasn’t been at it for long, but who is doing something notably well that we can all learn from no matter how far along we are in our blogging journey.

Today, I’m featuring Crystal Stine. I’ve known her for about a year or so, but I just recently hired her as a VA to work on a couple projects for me and as I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve been very impressed by how she has developed and grown her influence online.

Read on to meet Crystal and find out the two keys she is using to unlock her blogging journey and how you can do the same.

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