HTB #005 – Blogging and Community – An Interview with Kristen Strong

She always has a smile for everyone. I’ve met few people as friendly and warm as Kristen Strong. Maybe it has something to do with her “always meeting new people” military life, or maybe God just gave her a little extra love to share.

Whatever the reason, Kristen is like a one woman welcome party. No matter how awkward or wallflower-ish you feel at an event, strike up a conversation with Kristen and you’ll feel right at home.

This sense of community permeates everything Kristen does online. She writes often about finding community, she is a core part of the (in)Courage community and she has a heart to encourage wives, moms and particularly military wives and moms.

Join us today as we chat about her blogging journey and how blogging community can become real community.

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How They Blog Interviews Kristen Strong!

A Note from Crystal: I had the chance to spend some time with Kristen this past weekend at Allume and she is the real deal, y’all. Kind, generous, encouraging, and authentic – it was pure joy to watch her love well and easily. You are about to feel like you just received a big hug from a friend who “gets” you!

Meet Kristen Strong

1. Give us a quick intro to you, your family and your blog.

Hello there, lovely you! I am an Air Force wife and a mama to twin sons who are 14 and a daughter who is 10. We live in the Rocky Mountain country of Colorado, and Chasing Blue Skies is where I do my best to use authentic words and inspiring pictures to tell of the fresh-air hope that is Jesus.

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