Liz Griffin: On Social Media and Writing

Liz Griffin Blog: Larkandbloom Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Note: Today is the LAST day for the 50% off coupon for the Blog Planning Kit (use coupon code BOOTCAMP)…because today is the last day of the Blog Planning Bootcamp. Did you join us? It was an INCREDIBLE week. You can check out all the […]

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Liz Griffin: Gadget and App Recommendations

Now we move on to Liz’s gadget and app selections. She may tie with Melanie Shankle for the most non-techie blogger award. She keeps things lean and mean and just gets to work. Keep reading to see how little tech is required to be awesome.

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How They Blog Interviews Liz Griffin

Liz calls herself a naptime abolitionist. And that’s not an exaggeration. She fights human trafficking, talks with law enforcement while making peanut butter sandwiches. She lived in Siberia, rounded up goats in Mongolia on a horse with a stranger and she once babysat for a murderer.

These aren’t sensationalist statements. This is her life. And the beauty of it all is the wisdom she gleans and shares from every crazy experience life throws her way. The basis of any good blogger is a life well lived. Liz passes that test with flying colors.

(Stop here and go read those posts I just linked to up there. They are so. good.)

She is a fantastic writer.

I know you’ll enjoy Liz’s fresh perspective on life and blogging today! Today, think about your stories and your life experiences and how you can use those to bring hope, encouragement and truth to your readers.

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