Mandi Ehman: On Social Media and Writing

I think you’ll find Mandi’s perspective on social media and writing refreshing. It reinforces the fact that we all need to find out what works best for us. We need to identify our strengths and the things that we enjoy doing. There is no format for blogging success.

Read on and be inspired…

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Mandi Ehman: Gadget and App Recommendations

Mandi Ehman Blog: Life Your Way Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Tumblr In this post (and the previous one) Mandi shares a few of her workspace photos. Here is a bit more explanation about how and where she gets her work done. Good stuff! About Mandi’s Workspace When I first began blogging, I always […]

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How They Blog: Mandi Ehman

Want to know a geeky fact about me? Ok…well, I’ll tell you anyway: I love everything entrepreneurial (except spelling it, I always have to double check). I love listening to entrepreneurial podcasts, reading entrepreneurial books, following blogs about startups and business.

If I have ever met an entrepreneurial blogger, it’s Mandi Ehman. She is so impressively professional about her blogging and is always trying new things and launching…something. It’s energizing and inspiring just to follow everything she does.

Whether you plan to make your blog into a business or not, each of us can learn so much about how she manages everything on her plate.

I’ve been really looking forward to her interview here, and she has given us one of the most thorough interviews yet. Such good stuff! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Meet Mandi Ehman

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