Melanie Shankle: On Social Media and Writing

Sniff, sniff, today is the last installment of our interview with Melanie Shankle. I know a lot of us have been so inspired by how simply Melanie does things. No fancy desk and office, no fancy technology, no complicated strategy, she just strings words together and connects with her readers.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the technology of blogging and all the “things” that “need” to be done, it’s incredibly refreshing to see how successful she has been (an NYT Bestselling Book ain’t too shabby!) by keeping things simple.

Today, Melanie chats with us about her thoughts on social media and writing. Enjoy!

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Melanie Shankle: Gadget and App Recommendations

This week we are chatting with popular blogger and NYT Bestselling author Melanie Shankle. If you haven’t read her main interview, check it out here. Today, Melanie shares her favorite blogging gadgets and apps, but first let’s take a look at where she works: Melanie’s Workspace That’s my workspace. I realize it probably looks a […]

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How They Blog: Melanie Shankle (

Melanie Shankle Blog: The Big Mama Blog Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram It’s a little ridiculous how excited I am about this week’s featured blogger. Melanie’s blog is on my short list of “must reads.” I am completely fascinated by her ability to write about her perfectly normal life (well, except for the fact […]

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