Myquillyn Smith: On Writing and Social Media

If the world of social media has ever overwhelmed you and you’ve kept it at arms length, you’ll find today’s interview with Myquillyn very encouraging. I’ve loved seeing how so many different bloggers, who are all doing wonderful things online, have such different approaches to…well, everything. Read on and enjoy!

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Myquillyn Smith’s Blogging Gadget and App Recommendations

Today, Myquillyn talks tech and takes us to her office, both the picture ready version and the well lived version. I love her transparency. If you remember her sister Emily’s office, the design flair certainly runs in the family!

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How They Blog: Myquillyn Smith (The Nester)

I’m going to be honest, design blogs intimidate me. Decorating, fashion and all things aesthetic tend to escape me, so I’m amazed by people who can look at an ugly room and transform it into something beautiful.

But this week’s featured blogger makes me feel like making a home gorgeous isn’t a complicated science that I’ll never fully grasp. She’s hilarious, inspiring and if you don’t already know her, I know you’ll love her.

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