HTB #003 – Running Multi-Author Blogs and Writing eBooks – An Interview with Stacey Thacker

Today we are chatting with Stacey Thacker about how to manage multiple multi-author blogs, saying no to blogging opportunities and writing ebooks.

Note: This was recorded several weeks ago, when my sidekick was just a few weeks old, so he makes a small debut. Say hello to Captain.

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Stacey Thacker: On Writing and Social Media

Stacey Thacker Blog: Social media: Twitter Facebook Pinterest I’m sad our week with Stacey is coming to an end, but I’m excited because I’m recording a podcast with her today! I’ll be featuring her on the Inspired To Action podcast and the upcoming HowTheyBlog podcast. Stay tuned! Also, be sure to check out Stacey’s […]

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Stacey Thacker: Gadget and App Recommedations

On top of juggling the management of several different blogs, Stacey has also written a couple ebooks. In fact, her most recent one launched yesterday! It’s called “Being Ok With Where You Are” and you can learn all about it here.

So, you might be wondering, what is in the toolbox of a woman who juggles books, blogs, family and everything else in life? You’re in luck! Today is gadget and app day (my favorite day of the week) and Stacey is sharing all her techy goodness with you. Enjoy!

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How They Blog Interviews Stacey Thacker

A How They Blog Interview with Stacey Thacker

Today, Stacey Thacker shares two pieces of advice (that might seem slightly unexpected) but have been key to her success and are key to the growth of my two blogs as well.

Stacey is a fantastic encourager and connector. She juggles multiple blogging (and life) commitments and she has been able to consistently churn out bigger and better things – blogs, ebooks, online communities. Her “Follow the Spark” advice below is golden. Enjoy!

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