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A How They Blog Interview with Stacey Thacker

Today, Stacey Thacker shares two pieces of advice (that might seem slightly unexpected) but have been key to her success and are key to the growth of my two blogs as well.

Stacey is a fantastic encourager and connector. She juggles multiple blogging (and life) commitments and she has been able to consistently churn out bigger and better things – blogs, ebooks, online communities. Her “Follow the Spark” advice below is golden. Enjoy!

1. Give us a quick intro to you, your family and your blog.

My husband Mike and I have been married for 19 years and have four girls ages 14 (almost), 10, 7, and 3. We have lived in the Sunshine State for the past 11 years. My husband works for Campus Crusade for Christ in the Global Technology Office. He is basically a tech genius. This is very beneficial for my blogging career!

My personal blog is called 29 Lincoln Avenue. This is the address of the home where I spent most of my growing up years back in Indiana. As the song goes, “I was born in a small town. My parents live in the same small town” It is part of who I am. My hope is that my blog feels like a real place women can gather to be encouraged, grow in their faith, and talk about this stuff of life.

I am the editor of Mothers of Daughters, a monthly e-zine for moms who want to raise their girls with vintage values and timeless truths. You can also find me hanging out with an amazing group of women at Hope for the Weary Mom, a blog that grew out of a book I co-wrote with Brooke McGlothlin.

2. Tell us your blogging story.

My husband is the real reason I blog. He encouraged me to start writing one a few years ago. I love that he saw this potential in me. About that same time, I found The Nesting Place and loved it. Who doesn’t?

From there, I blog-hopped my way to her sister Emily’s blog called “Chatting at the Sky” and have blog-stalked her ever since. I also spent a great deal of time drinking coffee with Sarah Mae on her first blog. I saw them blogging about their lives & faith and sharing it with others.

I loved the ministry aspect and thought maybe I could do that, too. I prayed about it for over a year. True story. Then, after watching “Julie and Julia” I went home and wrote my first post. Was I the only one who did that?

3. Tell us about a blogging “success” or “failure” that taught you a powerful lesson.

Two things:

1. Follow the spark:

If something works or resonates with others, follow that spark. This happened with “Hope for the Weary Mom” which started out as a simple blog post called “Steve Jobs, Me, and being Fresh Out of Amazing.” This post resonated with moms. Brooke and I decided to write a series back and forth related to it which received a ton of traffic. We turned that series into a small ebook and wrote a full length book as well. Each step built on the previous one. Our hearts were engaged as well and I can’t tell you what a blessing this one small spark has been for both Brooke and I.

2. Don’t be afraid to give it away:

Whenever you can, give away your ‘expertise’ or your product. Related to following the spark post, Brooke and I gave away our full length book “Hope for the Weary Mom” for the first 48 hours of the launch.

“Whenever you can, give away your ‘expertise’ or your product.” <– Click to Tweet


Word quickly spread and soon tens of thousands of women had downloaded the free book. We were speechless. Knowing that many moms now carry our book with them on their Kindle is humbling. It is there for them when they need it. And if it blesses them, they will surely share it with others.

I remember someone asking us, “Why would you just give it away?” In some ways it may not make good business sense. But in the end, it made great marketing sense.

4. What are the intangibles that have helped you succeed?

1. Prayer

2. Support of my husband

3. Involving my girls

4. Honesty


Come back Wednesday to read all of Stacey’s Blogging Gadget and App recommendations and on Friday she’ll share her thoughts on social media and writing. Stay tuned!

Q & A with Stacey Thacker

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  1. I can’t tell you how honored and excited I am to be here Kat! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring this lovely woman of grace today Kat ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s a blessing to work with and call friend. It’s an honor for me to even be mentioned in the same paragraph with her ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Sarah (theGIRL) says

    I also wrote my first blog post after seeing Julie & Julia ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love hearing your advice…follow the spark. That’s a great tidbit that I’ll tuck away!

  4. Love Stacey and her advice and wisdom. So glad you are featuring her!


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    How They Blog Interviews Stacey Thacker

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